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Adderall Epidemic: Seahawks CBs Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner Both Allegedly Took Drug

In baseball, HGH is the drug of choice when it comes to players spiking their own drinks, so to speak. But in the NFL there has been a rash of suspensions for the use of Adderall, and two more players are facing suspensions as Seattle Seahawks cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner have become the next pair of defensive backs to be accused of taking the drug by the NFL.

Sherman has since denied that he took the drug, but who hasn’t immediately said nu-uh when being accused of something serious.

But there is a bigger story underneath the drama surrounding Sherman, Browner, the NFL and a race against the clock. It seems we have an Adderall epidemic in the NFL at the moment, one that sounds like it has exploded beneath our very feet.

A few weeks ago, Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Eric Wright were handed suspensions by the league for taking Adderall. Talib served out his suspension and has since been traded to the New England Patriots, while Wright is currently appealing his suspension, joining Sherman in the I didn’t do it club.

Earlier this season, Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden allegedly was handed a suspension by the NFL back on August 8 for taking the drug and his suspension wasn’t finalized until nearly a month later, so while Wright and Sherman haven’t officially been suspended yet, it doesn’t mean they can put if off forever.

However, the suspension of Haden took a while to kick in but that was at the beginning of the year when there was time. There are five games left in the 2012 regular season and if the appeal process doesn’t move quickly, the suspensions of Sherman and Browner will spill over into the postseason and the Seahawks will be forced to watch their top cornerbacks sit out games when it counts the most.

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