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Martellus Bennett Catches Fan Who Fell Out of Stands

Martellus Bennett got back to his old ways form earlier this season when he turned in another solid last night against the Packers. But despite just three passes in the victory, Bennett’s best catch came when he caught a fan who fell out of the stands after the game.

As he was exiting the field after the game, Bennett tossed his gloves into the stands to a group of young fans, when an adult fans came flying down and over the railing. But never fear, as superhero Martellus Bennett is here — at least he was for that particular fan.

“I just did what any super hero would do, saved his life,” Bennett said. “I’m like Scott Summers [Cyclops from the X-Men comics].”

Bennett did admit that he almost didn’t catch the fan, as his initial reaction was that the fan wasn’t falling but was instead attacking him or something of the sort.

“My first instinct was to step back, like ‘Oh —!’” he said. “But I did the righteous thing so I caught him and slowly tried to put him down but I tripped over somebody and we all fell. I’m just happy I could help someone out.”

Just for the record, Bennett did refer to himself as Black Unicorn during training camp, and we saw that superhero appear not only on the field last night but off it as well. Batman may be Bruce Wayne by day and Batman by night, but Martellus Bennett can be both the man and the myth at the same time in New York.

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