November 3, 2012; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban talks with his team during a timeout against the LSU Tigers during the first half at Tiger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-US PRESSWIRE

Nick Saban Does Not Like Florida Gators Path To BCS Title Game

The winner of the SEC Championship game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide has national title implications. The winner will take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the BCS National Championship. The loser of the game could fall out of the BCS standings, which would leave the Florida Gators in the Sugar Bowl.

Florida playing in a BCS game does not sit well with Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban.

“It’s not really a great scenario,” Saban said on Sunday. “You play your way into the (SEC) championship game, which means you’re the best team in your division… It doesn’t seem quite right, but it is what it is. I don’t really know what me commenting about it is going to do to change it. But I don’t feel good about it.”

Gators head coach Will Muschamp responded to Saban this afternoon.

“Well, I can switch and go to Atlanta if he doesn’t want to go to Atlanta and play the Dawgs. Be careful what you ask for, Nick,” said Muschamp, who coached with Saban at LSU and with the Miami Dolphins.

They were odd comments from Saban, who played in the national championship just last season, despite not winning the SEC Championship. If he truly believes his comments, Saban should give back his championship trophy because, by his own words, it was not deserved.

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  • Colton Vickers

    ok first off….nick saban said if you dont win ur conference you dont go to the “dance” well thats in a simple senario where everyone who is supposed to win does…alabama got lucky last season and the people they needed to lose lost….florida, you needed ND to lose…it didnt happen, step aside

    • MC Grammar

      ESPN couldn’t even find the alleged quote of Saban saying ‘If you don’t win your conference blah, blah, blah’. So can you provide us all with the source?

    • Donna Lynn

      Florida is NOT stepping aside! They beat 4 out pf top 10 games which is more than the top 3 combined!!!! Step a side? I THINK NOT!

    • Derrick Syl.James Jr

      Im waiting on you to actually find where he said that. almost a full year of asking and none of you morons can say, hmmmmmm.

  • Sheila Ray

    CRY BABY…wtf is his problem…i hate the gators….but if it was good enuf for bama last yr… be it. shut up and win…thats all ya gotta do…

  • Hingle McCringleberry


  • Me

    Dick Satan – ass-clown.

  • Realist

    If people were capable of displaying some intellect, they would understand the meaning of Saban’s words. What is meant is, Georgia made it to the SEC Champ game, if Alabama beats Georgia then they would drop out below Florida. Which in turn would provide Florida with a better post season bowl than Georgia would have a chance at. Georgia has clearly shown they are more deserving than Florida, so why should Florida be given this opportunity. Georgia gets screwed if they don’t win Saturday. All blame goes to Josh Sanchez, who undoubtedly has some issues with Saban and his Crimson Tide and twisted some words to create a villian of Saban. Typical useless media.

    • BlakeD.

      Georgia, with their daunting, incredibly hard, schedule clearly showed they deserve it… -_-

    • Kris McInnis

      Umm…. do you really think that Nick Saban gives a damn about what happens to Florida or Georgia? If Alabama wins, then none of this would matter. Why? Because why should Nick Saban really care about what happens below him, assuming that his team is gonna win the SEC? It doesn’t matter what’s “fair” to Georgia because the rest of the world, Nick Saban included, more than likely could care less. He is worried about his own team, not anyone else’s. And why wouldn’t he be? The only reason Saban said this is because if Alabama happens to lose Saturday, then ALABAMA would be the one to miss out on the Sugar Bowl and, therefore, that nice fat check at the end of the rainbow that the CapOne Bowl can’t provide. THAT is what he thinks is “unfair” with the system. The Pot meets the Kettle.

    • Chris McClure

      Let me share some intellect on you guy! Florida went 10-1 against the nations most difficult schedule. This includes 4 wins versus the BCS top 12 and 7 teams who will be bowl eligable. Also a win versus the ACC champion as crowned tonight! Georgia played 3 top 12 BCS schools and went 1-2. The head to head lose doesn’t mean as much when one team (Georgia) plays a much weaker schedule. We blew out South Carolina who blew out Georgia. We beat Texas A&M who beat Alabama. To Saban, SHUT UP GUY! In your theory, only the SEC championship teams should get in the BCS, considering the BCS only allows 2 teams per automatic qualifying conference. This means last season, his Tide team (didn’t play in SEC championship) wouldn’t have played in title game which he won! I don’t remember him campaigning for UGA after they lost SEC last season, do you? So his theory about who gets in means jack! Shut it Saban! My Gators will play in the Sugar Bowl and deserve to do so with their 1 lose compared to UGAs 2. Oh and UGA was only ahead of my Gators by .003 with their head to head win(.888 to .891) So before you call yourself intelligent, have some kind of facts behind that claim, guy! HAHA

  • Guest

    The loser of the SECCG is going to have 2 loses, what doesn’t Saban understand?? It was fine when it worked in Bama’s favor last year. #Hypcrisy

    • Derrick Syl.James Jr

      You do realize that last year, Bama was 11-1, UGA was 10-3

      by your own logic, Saban was 100% justified. LOL, never seen anyone own themselves.

  • Kevin Splunge

    It was fine when it worked for Bama last year, it’s fine this year. I don’t recall UGA getting a BCS bowl last year, if he felt so strongly perhaps he should have declined Bama’s BCS invite last year and went to the Capital One. #Hypocrisy

    • Marcus Bice

      you make no sense, last year was a completely different situation yet everyone keeps bringing it up. what does UGA getting a BCS bowl last year have to do with it? the sugar bowl takes a top SEC team but since the top two were in the NC, the sugar bowl then selects another team. it is not complicated…

  • don

    Thats not even what Nick said, He said its not fair that the loser of the SEC championship wouldnt go to the Sugar Bowl and florida would. The loser of the SEC championship is more then likely headed to the Capital One Bowl. NIck said nothing about the BCS title game, so get your facts straight

    • Angie

      OH BOO FREAKING HOO!!!!!!! Florida had the TOUGHEST SCHEDULE in all of the COUNTRY and lost only ONE game! STFU how Bama deserves it and Florida doesn’t! I hope that Georgia beats the ever loving SH*T out of Bama!!

      • don

        …. Don’t know who you pull for but such an unclassy fan… didn’t really even read nor understood what said… oh well merry christmas.

      • Guest

        Top two hardest schedules in the country are Bama and LSU, not sure where you get your facts but you need to get them straight.

      • Guest

        Top two hardest schedules in the country are Bama and LSU, not sure where you get your facts but you need to get them straight.

        • Chuck Lanier

          Florida had the unquestioned #1 toughest schedule…Check any publication you wish, including SI… Get your facts straight!

      • Derrick Syl.James Jr

        having a tougher schedule doesnt make you a better team. but that logic, Florida should have mopped the floor with UGA and they didnt.

        And if Bama beats UGA, they would have beaten the team that Florida lost to, and this is an arguably better UGA team than it was a couple of weeks ago when they beat FL

        • Juan Rodriguez

          Florida had like 5 turnovers and it was not a reflection on Georgia. They also had a chance to tie the game at the end (with two point conversion) with all those mistakes. If Florida plays Georgia 5 times they would win 3 out of 5.

        • Scott Davis

          And FL beat the team that beat Bama. What’s your point. FL made mistakes vs GA and lost. Bama was simply outplayed by Texas A&M

          • Danny Bowen

            except for the fact that Alabama would have beat Texas A&M had it not been for 2 turnovers by a lot. Don’t dismiss what you clearly didn’t watch..

          • Derrick Syl.James Jr

            yes, Florida made mistakes, but Bama fumbling when they could have taken the lead and then throwing an interception when they could have taken the lead with 2:20 seconds left isnt just making mistakes as well. Dont speak on something when its clear you didnt even watch the game moron.

      • Craig Thompson

        Dream on……….

  • Erich

    I disagree. Last season, Alabama only lost to one school: LSU. In overtime. 9-6. There were no undefeated teams, so the other BCS team was chosen by who they lost to, and the spread. Since Alabama lost to the #1 team by an overtime field goal, they got the nod. Sure, they didn’t win their division, but their only loss was to the team that did.

    Now we’re in a situation where Florida’s only loss came to Georgia, by 18 points, if memory serves (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) yet, should Georgia lose to Alabama in the SEC Championship game and slide to 11-2, they would miss going to a BCS Sugar Bowl because they get jumped by the team who’s perfect season they ruined?

    It would be total bullsh*t. Alabama got a rematch. They didn’t take LSU’s place. Florida isn’t getting a rematch if they jump Georgia. They’re getting a mulligan.

    • BlakeD.

      Your memory is wrong, it was 8 points, not 18. And UF would get a better bowl because their strength of schedule was huge. BCS computers have Florida second in the standings, it’s people who have put UF fourth.

      • Derrick Syl.James Jr

        actually, the people had florida 5th.

  • K Money

    Isnt it also unfair that teams who dont have a conference championship get to play in BCS bowls? Nick Saban needed to keep his mouth shut this time. There is one common answer to all BCS complaints… playoff. The conference title is a cool thing but it would be nice to have that game not affect BCS standings and take the top 8 at this point to a playoff, the bowls last over a month anyway

  • Raymond LaPointe

    Not sure why people have such a problem with the fact that Florida could play for the national championship. They have played 6 ranked teams and beaten 5 of them with their only loss coming to Georgia. Neither Georgia or Alabama can say the same. Georgia played 2 ranked teams and lost one of those. Alabama played 4 ranked teams(if you count Miss St.) and lost one. The fact that Georgia and Florida are in the same division has precluded Florida from playing for the SEC championship, so I don’t see Florida playing for the NC to be so far fetched, but won’t happen should Alabama win this weekend.

    • Angie

      AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! GO GATORS!!!!!!

  • BlakeD.

    GO GATORS!!!!

  • Tyler James

    i agree with “realist” below. “josh Sanchez” is trying to make Saban look dumb, your the one who looks dumb because you dont asses what people say before you go off ranting

  • sam

    I don’t read that at all. I think his complaint is actually that it is unfair that the team that loses the SEC Championship doesn’t go to the Sugar Bowl and the third best team does to represent the SEC. I agree it makes little sense to me that we don’t consider the loser of the SEC Championship game the second best team in the SEC. Why should Georgia or Alabama who are playing for the title get demoted to a Capital One Bowl, while Florida who is third best goes to the Sugar….Can’t say he is wrong.

  • RedstarDad

    Saban commented that the loser of the SEC Championship game would likely be jumped in the polls by Florida and therefore, not get into a BCS Bowl. His comment had nothing to do with Florida getting into the BCS Title game.

  • Becker

    I could be mistaken but i think Georgia took advantage of this same thing a few years ago so should not complain if it happens to them now. Tennessee beat them by 3 touchdowns at Athens and won the East and played in the SEC championship game. But Georgia went to a BCS bowl ahead of them and played unbeaten (or one loss) Hawaii because they had a better overall record and the BCS folks liked them better. Georgia can complain about Florida jumping over them to play in a BCS game this year, if it happens that way, but I think South Carolina would have a lot of complaining after they beat the shit out of Georgia and may finish with the same overall record and Georgia goes to a bigger bowl game than them. Each year someone will feel they got screwed so shut up and live with it. Especially if you play a weak schedule against only 2 top 20 teams and you lucked out that Florida had a much better year than people expected or you would have only played 1 top 20 team. Saban is a hypocrit

  • don

    this is stupid lets be honest, there in no way Florida can play in the national championship this year. try again next year

  • Mike O’Donoghue

    “I don’t really know what me commenting about it is going to do to change it. But I don’t feel good about it.”..Good Question Poindexter..Why did you comment about it? And no it’s not gonna change a thing because the Almighty Saban has spoken-I used to have some respect for Saban until he made several Redonkulous Remarks..Glad MusChomp, who really knows Saban, Set him Straight..Go Gators!!

  • BBro

    Hey Saban your team didn’t even make it to the SEC Championship game last year and then you got to play in the national championship game. Using your way of thinking maybe that title should be stripped from your team but I’m sure that’s different now isn’t it.

  • BBro

    Hey Saban your team didn’t even make it to the SEC Championship game last year and then you got to play in the national championship game. Using your way of thinking maybe that title should be stripped from your team but I’m sure that’s different now isn’t it.

  • disqus_wCqY1grgGZ

    Nick Saben is a cry baby and hypocrit. He wants football to be played his way so he can scipt his destiny. Doesn’t like other teams to run no huddle against him but when he feels he needs points he will run no huddle. Said if you don’t make the playoff system in future years then you need to take your team and play whatever bowl game you’ve been given and keep your mouth shut. Saban needs to practice what he preaches. He needs to keep his mouth shut in order to keep from exposing himself. He does not even realize that he is exposing himself because he thinks he’s the only fox surrounded by a bunch of dumb sheep (the sheep being whoever will listen to him).

  • Derrick Syl.James Jr

    im going to simply this for you guys

    Florida is in the top 4 of the BCS meaning they will automatically be in a BCS game, where as when UGA(who beat florida) loses to bama, they wont.

  • Henry Louis Gomez

    The headline on that article is incorrect. Should be BCS Bowl or Sugar Bowl not BCS Title game.

  • dwhat

    Much too similiar to the path he took when LSU beat him in the regular season and he still got to play them again in the NC game.

  • Guest

    I agree with Saban that it doesn’t seem right for any team that doesn’t win its conference championship (or its division) to go to the National Championship game…but isn’t that what Bama did last year?

  • David

    BCS is all screwed up…there’s no way the loser of the SEC championship game should fall below Florida for a BCS game. Both are SEC divisional champions — something FL cannot claim…something Bama could not claim last year. And to that point, if a team doesn’t win its conference (or division), it should not play for a National Championship game either (like Bama did last year, OU did a few years back). And with that said, how sweet is it to be Notre Dame?? Lame ass schedule, no conference championship, no conference championship game, and seemingly every network pulling for them… Would love to see a seeding process after on conference championships games with top 16 or so in a playoff… Dreaming…I know, but this year’s post season sucks…last almost every year now.

  • Bob Papadazzio

    “If he truly believes his comments, Saban should give back his
    championship trophy because, by his own words, it was not deserved.”

    Totally, laughably incomparable. Alabama was sitting at #2 and Georgia, even if they’d won, couldn’t have passed them with three losses already under their belt.