Cincinnati Making “Strong Push” to Join ACC

While the ACC had filed a lawsuit against Maryland for leaving the conference, they may be getting an addition as the Cincinnati Bearcats are making a strong push to join the ACC.

Should Cincinnati join, the ACC would get stronger in not only football but basketball as well. Usually when a school transfers conferences, one sport benefits heavily while the others just have more competition, not necessarily better competition. The Bearcats aren’t known for their football team, but it’s one that has pretty consistently made bowl games over the past few years. But the real addition to the ACC would be the Bearcats basketball team, as they routinely finish in the USA Today and AP Top 25 year after year.

The Bearcats are, in fact, one of only six teams to have finished in the USA Today Top 25 in both football and basketball and those making a push for admittance into the ACC are flashing the fact that Ohio is one of the newest and most “fertile recruiting ground and expands the geographic footprint of the ACC.”

Oh, and there’s the fact that Cincinatti’s endowment is more than $1 billion, something the school mentions is twice that of the amount Maryland boasted, a school that just bolted to the Big Ten.

$1 billion mends a lot of wounds.

There are also academic reasons to add Cincinnati as “the school is tied for 34th among public research universities, according to the Center for Measuring University Performance. That’s in line with several other ACC schools”.

It’s not a done deal that the Bearcats will be moving to the ACC, but it looks like we’re in store for another winter filled with conference realignment, as if Cincinnati moves, they’ll be the fifth such school to do so with the announcement today that Tulane and East Carolina have moved to the Big East.

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