Jets Fans Berate Players, Beg For Tebow To Save Them

New York Jets fans have never exactly been known as a “cuddly” bunch but the complete and total smackdown a group of them laid down on the players as they entered the tunnel for halftime trailing the New England Patriots 35-3 on Thanksgiving Day was simply brutal.

In a video that recently surfaced on Youtube, fans can be heard berating the Jets as the jogged into the locker room.

“You suck!”

“You are pathetic, every one of you!”


“You guys are a disgrace.”

“Tebow, save us.”

‘Sanchez, you piece of shit.”

“Don’t even come out after halftime.”


That is just a small sampling of some of the insults the fans hurled at their “favorite team.”

Clearly this isn’t a representation of all Jets fans but it does show just how disgusted this group of fans was with the product they paid to watch.

Here’s the video. Be warned, there is some strong language.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments. Did the NY fans go to far here?

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