NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings

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There are plenty of power rankings for the guys getting dirty on the field but there aren’t enough for the attractive folks leading the cheers.

We’re going to put a stop to that with the first ever FanSided Cheerleader Power Rankings.

Because who doesn’t like cheerleaders?

#10. Jacksonville Jaguars


There is no telling how long the Jags will be in Jacksonville but if they do move to London someday, it is a pretty good bet that the fans will miss the cheerleaders more than the football team. Still, the uniforms are a little too “Flintstones” for our tastes.

#9. St. Louis Rams

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

We aren’t crazy about the uniforms. The tops are boring though we do favor the ultra min-skirt over the shorts a lot of squads sport these days. But we love the pompoms. Old school points awarded.

#8. Denver Broncos


One word: chaps!

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