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High School Student Sent Home For Johnny Manziel Haircut

You know you are popular when people around the nation think it is a good idea to have your image and name shaved into their scalps. Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel has reached that point of popularity and it has resulted in a high school student being sent home.

Christian Chavez of Kerrville, Texas wanted to support Johnny Manziel and had the Texas A&M freshman sensation’s portrait shaved into his head by barber Rob “The Original” Ferrel of San Antonio, Texas.

When Chavez got to Hill Country High School sporting his new haircut, he was sent home from the school’s principal because of the hairdo and he was told not to return until the portrait of Johnny Football was removed from his hair. Chavez was sent home because the hair “was inappropriate for school policy. I can’t go back until I get it cut out.”

“I love the haircut. I’m a big fan of Johnny. My parents love it, too. They like Johnny. My older brother played with Johnny,” said Chavez.

Does Chavez plan on getting the portrait removed?

“Might as well keep it keep it tomorrow (Friday) and get it cut either Sunday or Monday. I thought I would be fine,” he said. “I was surprised. My mom came and got me. She didn’t like the fact they told me to go home.”

It is safe to assume the principal was not a fan of Texas A&M. The school’s principal, Steven Schwartz, refused to comment when reached by ESPN.

Here is an image of the haircut that Chavez was sporting when he was sent home from school:

DJ Christian Rios/Dreamonoid Productions
Christian Chavez of Kerrville, Texas was sent home from school for this haircut depicting Texas A&M freshman Johnny Manziel.


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  • Jamie Rowe

    i understand both sides here,if ya let him do it,then other kids will want to do similar things with their hair and it could get out of hand but at the same time it’s just a football player nothing bad or nething but school policy is school policy,so dj i’d do it as a summer cut

  • dchism00

    good point, jamie.. but if he weren’t a minor in high school, he would be able to sue their pants off #freespeech

  • kieranpwalsh

    Invasion of his privacy and civil rights. Sue the b******d

  • Dannye Smith

    what happened to the first amendment, did congress end that???

  • Robyn Benton Mueller

    Education has such bigger problems than this. I could possibly understand if he was sporting profanity or a controlled substance, but a football player? This is truly stupid.