Alabama Fan Sentenced Two Years in Prison For Post-BCS Video

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There are times when football and the violence attributed to it spill over outside the game. But sometimes that violence isn’t so much brutal as it is just crude, as was the case one infamous Alabama Crimson Tide fan who’s video after last year’s BCS championship game has landed him in the big house for the next two years.

Brian Downing was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of obscenity for sexual taunting last month. It took until yesterday for prosecutors to come up with a proper sentence, and it appears that if you’re planning on rubbing your genitals on someone’s face you can expect a pretty hefty sentence.

Downing was involved in a video filmed after last year’s BCS National Championship game that featured various acts of hazing, poking and pictures being taken of a passed out LSU fans. Enter Downing and his downings, which he proceeded to place on the fan.

All things considered, it seems like a stiff penalty for the brief moment Downing’s genitals were on the fan, but you better bet there won’t be any repeats (not that there probably would have been anyways). But Downing actually got off light, as he was facing a potential sentence of 10 years in prison.

Word to the wise: if you go to the deep south, keep it in your pants.

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