College Football Team Accidentally Emails Head Coach Plans to Replace Him

Have you ever be writing an email, or responding to one and accidentally hit reply all? We’ve all heard horror stories (which the non-involved parties find hilarious) about a mass email going awry, but all of those stories are topped by what happened to Morgan State head coach Donald-Hill Eley who found out he was on the way out on accident.

While checking his morning emails, Hill-Eley found that he had been forwarded an email from the university, which detailed a plan to replace him  unbeknownst to him. Hill-Eley said he wasn’t sure what was going on at the top, but is already coming out and saying the program has been mishandled since David Wilson took over as president. The latest email snafu is just the latest example of that.

“He said the expectations had changed,” Hill-Eley said via the Baltimore-Sun, recalling a conversation with Wilson. “But the input didn’t change, so how do you expect things to change on Saturday?”

Back in the 1960s, Morgan State was regarded as a grooming ground for solid NFL players, as the historically black school pumped out NFL legends like Chiefs star Willie Lanier and Bears running back Leroy Kelly. Both of those players have since been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, ans countless other solid players came out of the school.

Morgan State was made an FSC school in 2002.

But since Hill-Eley took over in 2001, the Morgan State Bears have gone just 54-69. However his record and tenure is not the main part of the story, it’s the fact that he’s been notified he’s going to be out of a job on accident.

Even though the main story here is revolving around Hill-Eley and that email, he wants to make it about how poorly run the program is and that his successor doesn’t have a lot to look forward to.

“It’s about resources, bottom line,” he said. “They think that just because they have a stadium, that’s enough. But you look at a place like Towson, and they’ve significantly increased their investment in their program. I’m doing everything I can here, and the administration sits back and says I’m already getting enough.

Hill-Eley said athletic director Floyd Kerr has since apologized for the snafu. The head coach still has one year left on his contract but the writing is apparently on the wall — and in an email that Hill-Eley was never meant to see.


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