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Are the Tennessee Vols Going to Steal Jimbo Fisher from Florida State?

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The SEC is the talk of college football and has been for the past week (but what else is new), but one school has been raking in the attention and it’s one not in a title game and one that doesn’t even have a head coach. With Jon Gruden saying no to Tennessee, the search for a new coach continues and Dave Hart may be looking to steal his next coach from a school that already has one.

Jimbo Fisher is currently seeing his coaching staff decimated with the loss of defensive coordinator Mark Stoops heading Kentucky and likely others to follow, the question is will Jimbo stick around in Tallahassee for another year or bolt to another job and another opportunity.

The Big Lead is suggesting that Jimbo hasn’t been as big a success at Florida State has people have lead on, and that a fresh start at Tennessee might see him soar to a new level.

Is it harsh to call Fisher an underachiever? Perhaps. Seasons of 10-4, 9-4 and currently, 10-2 (with two games left) are very strong – until you dive deeper. Fisher’s only been at FSU three years since taking over for Bobby Bowden, but he’s reached two ACC title games and he’s 2-0 so far in bowl games.

Depending on how much you read into preseason polls though, Fisher has been a mild disappointment

There is the immediate question of why would Jimbo leave for Tennessee?

First off there’s a matter of money. Fisher is owed a lot of money from the Seminoles next season, and as was the case with Auburn, if Jimbo is going to leave FSU the checkbook will need to come out hard.

And then there’s the matter of Fisher saying he’s not interested in leaving Florida State. Again, money is always the deciding factor in these discussions and Fisher wouldn’t be the first coach in the history of the world, or college football, to say no but really mean yes.

Perhaps the damning piece of evidence against Jimbo leaving is the fact that he’s in better shape at FSU than he is at Tennessee. If Fisher’s staff is going to be decimated by other schools, he’d be in the same spot he is at FSU that he’s be at over in Tennessee. The perk is Jimbo would be able to assemble his own staff with the Vols, but he doesn’t quite have the pull in his name yet to attract big name guys or to entice married men to divorce their schools.

However, it’s not out of the question and if Dave Hart give Fisher enough in terms of money and power we could see him leave Florida State. But for the time being, it doesn’t look likely that Fisher is going anywhere but Tallahassee.

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