GIF: Oklahoma Player Punches TCU Lineman, Doesn't Get Ejected

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There are a lot of games on today with plenty on the line. Oklahoma is in line to make a trip to the Fiesta Bowl if they can get some help later today, but for one of their players, the help already came in the form of a non-ejection on a play that normally should have warranted such a penalty.

A lot of people are in an uproar over Ndamukong Suh’s shot below the belt on Matt Schaub but at least that was sort of incognito on the part of Suh. When it comes to Oklahoma Sooner’s lineman Tyrus Thompson the term incognito was obviously lost on him as he was clearly seen punching a TCU player hea had pinned on the ground square in the head.

First off, whenever football players punch someone or throw hook in the heat of the moment, the first though of any sensical person is that throwing a punch at a player wearing a helmet is something even the Three Stooges wouldn’t do. However, as you can see in the video, Thompson (71) felt it was a good idea to violate the rule of human common sense.

But Thompson threw the punch and the refs saw it. That’s where it gets interesting though, as Thompson was flagged for the punch but he wasn’t ejected, as is the rule.

We will have to see if his punishment comes down the road and he misses the Sooners bowl game, but this is just another snafu that fans can chalk up to poor officiating.


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