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(VIDEO) Refs Blow Helmet-to-Helmet Call Against Alabama in SEC Title Game

We’ve seen blown calls all year long in both the NFL and in college, but none were quite as bad as the hit that Quinton Dial put on Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray that not only rocked the Bulldogs signal caller, but helped lead to points before the half for Alabama.

On the play, Murray threw a deep ball that ended up being intercepted by the Crimson Tide but it was the hit that Dial put on Murray that was the talk of the play. On a previous drive, Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron was knocked a little late on a play and lobbied for a flag, getting one that moved the Crimson Tide up to the goal line.

But on the later play, right in front of a referee, Dial blasted Murray on a vicious and completely unnecessary hit that would have warranted a fine in the NFL. Dial lowered his head, launched his body and lead his head into that of Murray’s in brutal form.

The next question is, as obvious as the hit was, will Dial be suspended for the National Championship game or whatever bowl game Alabama ends up playing in? The NCAA has cracked down hard on helmet-to-helmet hits this year with next game suspensions being given to those who violate the rule in place.

Should Dial be suspended, his loss would be more than notable for the Crimson Tide. And if he’s not, the credibility of the NCAA needs to be called into serious question. Crimson Tide fans will disagree, more sensical people won’t, which is why hope that the NCAA will suspend Dial is low at this point, despite the fact it’s the right thing to do.

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