Dec 1, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt reacts to a reporter during the post game press conference after being defeated by the Alabama Crimson Tide 32-28 in the 2012 SEC Championship game at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Bulldogs' Mark Richt Storms Out Of Press Conference After SEC Title Game

For the second consecutive season, the Georgia Bulldogs have fallen in the SEC Championship game. While Saturday afternoon’s loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide came in one of the most epic SEC title games we have seen, it ended on a mental mistake by the Bulldogs that prevented them from getting to take a shot into the endzone.

Following the game, it wasn’t the Bulldogs error that left head coach Mark Richt upset and emotional, it was a question from a reporter at the post game press conference.

According to Clay Travis of, a reporter was implying that Richt and his quarterback Aaron Murray have shown the inability to come through in big games and the question did not sit well with the Georgia head coach.

Here is the beginning of the exchange, per Travis:

Questioner: “There are some people whether it’s fans, media, or whomever else that will maybe want to make further conclusions about you or your quarterback, specifically, in big games. Would you have any response to those people?”

Richt stared straight ahead, squinted his eyes. “I don’t know what you’re saying,” Richt said, “Why don’t you just say it straight up what you’re trying to say.”

Questioner: “People will say that you and Aaron Murray specifically come up short on the biggest stage against the biggest opponents.”

Things got a little testy following the question:

Richt eventually walked out of the press conference and was visibly irritated by the question. He reportedly slammed his drink on the floor as he was leaving, but returned to the podium less than a half a minute later to give one final thought.

“I want to say something else, if anybody thinks our guys didn’t play their tail off and Aaron Murray didn’t play his tail off, they’re crazy. That’s unbelievable somebody would even bring that up.”

Anyone who watched the game was able to see Murray and Richt gave this game their all. For a person to question that was outrageous and it is very easy to understand why the question irked the Georgia head coach.

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  • Jev Marshall

    Reporter was disrespectful.

  • Millertime1

    Actually, it is a fair question.

  • Rod Hipsher

    How was he disrespectful ? Reporter gets paid to listen to fans and “stadium talk” and act as a mediator for us fans. He didnt say ” Hey ya prick , couldnt your quarterback and yourself step it up a notch when it counts ?”
    Coach gets paid NOT ONLY to coach but to answer those questions for us fans. Coach disrespected reporter in my opinion !

    • Paul N. Jenkins

      I totally agree Rod

    • Buddy Hardigree

      what fans? Any true Georgia Fan should be upset about the loss. But to ask “did you guys really try?” That is stupid. It was a great game. There were mistakes on both sides, there were great plays on both sides. My team did not win…but they gave it their all. I have no doubt about that. For a reporter to look at the head coach of the team that lost by 4 after a battle like that, and state “you can’t play the BIG GAME”. Are you kidding me? I guess what you mean is “If you don’t win every game , you suck!”. Well go back into your cave and plan how you will win every battle in your life that you have to face!

  • Katie Evans Davis

    Well that hardly look like he STORMED out….Media always tries to make things more than it is….

  • James Lee

    Two terrible calls by Referees, pass interference calls, and we have a different outcome…Richt should of used the stage to point that out…People do queestion the “Big Games”. This was not one of them and question should of not been asked in that setting.

    • Dewayne Guyton

      The different outcome is that Bama would’ve won by a bigger margin.

      • Hugh Wolfgang

        Exactly. The questionable/WRONG calls went Georgia’s way.

    • Shaun Kelly

      Mark Richt is too classy to blame anyone else for a loss. He will take the blame at some point, but that was typical Chuck Oliver classlessness!

  • Paul N. Jenkins

    I’m a Georgia fan and you can call it disrespectful all you want but to me after an 11+ years track record with bad results in big games the question is actually very fair and needs to be asked by more people. There are no National Titles for being a nice guy and coming up short year after year.

    • Austin Ford

      I tell you what Paul, fire him and see if you can do better…..

  • Dewayne Guyton

    I agree with Jev Marshall below. The reporter was disrespectful in asking that particular question. Georgia didn’t get as far as they got by not being able to tow the line in the big games. Georgia played a tough game. Both teams played a tough game and either team could’ve won and would’ve deserved it. I’m thankful, as an Alabama fan, that Bama won, but if Georgia had’ve won, I’d have tipped my hat to them. it was a great game.

    • Colby

      The question being for a second straight year the Bulldogs came up short on the biggest stage in the SEC. I’ve herd people calling him out all over ESPN, and fans are going to want answers for this. And if he doesnt have any answers they are going to want a new head coach

      • Matthew Cantrell

        I’m a Dawg fan and I think Richt is an excellent coach. Any cry baby who wants to say Richt can’t handle the big games needs to look at how far he consistently gets us and realize that the years we lost the SEC championship game thus far have been to the National Champ!

  • Stephanie Floyd

    It was spot on…the question was vague and was not thought out apparently. His reaction was normal to me…. in fact he was calmer than I would have been.

  • John Harcrow JR

    Paul, I’m a Bama fan, but still that’s some BS! Georgia played like champions out there, so be proud. Somebody should of slapped that reporter! If the Dawgs had of won, I would have been glad they represented the SEC against “much hated” Notre Dam’.

  • Elisa

    Why is everyone calling this media guy “the questioner”? I want to know who he is, and let’s go into his background, and start questioning his life! Why do those stupid arrogant media people always get a pass? I am a Bama fan, but have great respect for UGA and Mark Richt, as well as how they played last night. I was appalled at this media guy who wasn’t out there fighting for the win, who wouldn’t say, “yeah, that’s what I think.” I think fans should hold these guys accountable.

    • Mike Burroughs

      I think it sounds a lot like Chuck Oliver of 680 the Fan lol. He said I hear that everyday on the radio. Then he stated I hear that everyday when I do my job.

      • Shaun Kelly

        It was Chuck Oliver of 680theFan in Atlanta.

  • James P Best

    I’m an LSU fan, but I feel that the reporter’s question was a garbage cheap shot. Saben has Alabama established as a powerhouse and every team but Texas A&M came up short against them. The Alabama/Georgia game was a game where there was no loser;someone had to come out light on the scoreboard and Georgia did, but the team played a tremendous game.

  • Davis

    If Bama would have beat Georgia like 35-3, that might have been a legit question. But when both teams played their hearts out and on play at the end could have gone either way, you can’t ask that question.

  • Laura Fulbusch

    man he is as petulant as Obarry. Georgia at their best could not beat the Tide even with tons of help and turnovers. Winers win, and losers lose. Georgia is never going to be the top team with this jacka*s as coach

    • josh

      Shut up Bitch

    • Laura Bean Wilson

      You are showing your very low IQ. Watch out. Every time you open your mouth, it goes lower.

  • Al Hughes

    I am a Bama fan living in Georgia and I hear this kind of talk a lot from UGA fans. Half the fans are happy with a decent record and man of character, others are impatient and ready for a ring. I guess it all depends on expectations.. the guy wins 10 games a year (or more) for 10 years, but can’t seem to “seal the deal” for an SEC or National title despite having the talent on the field to do it. It’s a legitimate question that could have been phrased better. But fair game nonetheless. If he were Alabama’s coach, the fan base would be demanding an explanation, that’s for sure.

  • musicmaakr

    OK, Mark Richt is EXACTLY the kind of coach you would want your kids to play for if you were a parent. That being said I feel the question was legitimate. I would have preferred as a Genteel southerner that it not be asked right after such an emotional game. That is one of the things that set us apart in the south. WE CARE about people. Mark Richt, Nick Saban, Les Miles, Steve Spurrier and any other coach in the SEC get PAID handsomely to produce successful teams for their schools and fan base.
    Hey, this was a tough loss but someone has to win and unfortunately someone has to lose. Let’s not lose sight of the fact the Ga. Bulldogs came within 1 play of being what I and a lot of other people believe will be the the BCS national champions.
    No one should have any doubt that OUR DAWGS put forth everything they had to win this game. This includes Mark Richt and the entire coaching staff.
    We should congratulate Alabama for winning a very close game and anybody who doesn’t believe this could have easliy gone the other way was not watching the same game.
    Marck Richt has continued in the tradition of another great coach, Vince Dooley. I hope his tunure will be as long and as successful.
    Looking forward to many more EXCITING seasons. GO DAWGS!!!!

  • Jim Williamson

    So in the interest of “journalistic integrity” where does Coach Richt “storm’s out”? Just wondering.

  • mlc13

    Richt is a class act and georgia fans and university are hopefully grateful to have him. I’m just a college football fan who cringes at the likes of ego maniacs like Patterson of TCU and Kelly of Oregon.

  • Jeff

    Richt handled this wrong…period. Reporters HAVE been saying this all week long before the game…just answer it. Don’t get pissed off at the reporter asking it. Everyone saw that Georgia played their butts off. The way you difuse the remark/thought is acknowledge it and dispell it….not act like a little whiney teenager fighting with his younger sister.

  • Shaun Kelly

    Chuck Oliver is a bitter Auburn grad and an antagonist on his crappy radio show on 680thefan in Atlanta. He is a disgrace to the respectable sports media all over the country.

  • Barry Bridges

    All I can say is the reporter must of had his head up his A$$ while the game was being played instead of watching it. That was an awesome game and every player played their heart out and left it all on the field. The reporter is a disgrace to his profession !

  • Matt Rawlins

    Umm….I hate to break to Mark Richt and the author of this article, but Richt’s response and the defense of his statement in this article is off base. Nobody, including the original questioner is debating a player or the team didn’t play their tails off. They’re asking about the ability to win a big game, which is a combination of physical and mental effort. Under Richt, Georgia has always struggled to conquer the mental part of the game, and will continue to do so until he’s gone.

    Why doesn’t this article point out the original question wasn’t answered?

  • Ellene Graves

    What crap!! Our Bulldawgs played well and gave that game all the intensity and well-executed plays possible!!! It was obvious the referees were allowing Bama to display unsportsmanlike conduct and excessive force at the end of a play– an example: those 2 thugs who jumped on Aaron Murray were totally out of line. The tv commentators were appalled and said so, after each and every transgression. It was disgusting!!!

  • Michael Anderson

    Vince Dooley–winning percentage 0.715. One national championship 16 years into his tenure as coach–GEORGIA LEGEND.

    Richt–winning percentage 0.740 and perennial owner of the hot seat.
    This is absolute insanity. He is a great coach who has won “the big
    game” numerous times. As an dawg fan, I’m tired of hearing people
    calling for him to be fired. His replacement is 10 times for likely to
    be a step down than a step up. Enough is enough…I hope he’s around
    for a long time to come.

    Ask the fans of Auburn, Arkansas, Tennessee and even almighty Texas what they would think about have Richt as their coach.