GIF: Seahawks' Sidney Rice Scores Game-Winning TD Then Gets Knocked Unconscious

Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson came up big for his team down the stretch against the Chicago Bears as he showed the poise and pocket presence of a trusted veteran.

In the overtime period, Russell found wide receiver Sidney Rice who made his way to the endzone for the game-winning score. What happened when Rice crossed the goal line, however, was a rare site that I can’t ever recall seeing during a game.

As Rice went into the endzone, he took a vicious hit to the head and was knocked unconscious. Here is a GIF of the play:

The Bears scrambled to cover the ball, but because the ball had already crossed the goal line it was ruled a touchdown and the Seahawks got the win. It was a very gutsy play by Rice to slide into the endzone knowing he was going to take a major hit, but he did so for the team’s benefit.

Unfortunately for Rice, he likely suffered a concussion on the play, though the Seahawks have yet to announce any head injury for their receiver who ended the ball game flat on his back out cold.

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