Notre Dame Begins BCS National Championship Trash Talk With 'Catholics vs. Cousins' T-Shirt

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish will be looking to win their twelfth national championship in school history and the first since 1988 when they meet the Alabama Crimson Tide in Miami for the BCS National Championship.

The game is set to take place on January 7th, 2013 at  Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, but the trash talk has already begun with some Notre Dame t-shirts that have surfaced.

In a t-shirt that reads “From South Bend to South Beach” the Notre Dame faithful coin the game “Catholics vs. Cousins.” Ouch. We don’t need to get into why the t-shirt is offensive to those from Alabama and the Crimson Tide faithful, but you know we have to show off the t-shirt that will surely get ‘Bama fans fired up.

Here is the shirt that brings us our first bit of trash talk for the BCS National Championship:

What do you think of the shirts from Notre Dame: hilarious or classless? Sound off in the comments section and let your voice be heard.

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  • mike

    They should change it to child molesters vs. legacy. That would be more accurate.

    • Donna Van Zandt Mattox


  • cdp

    These are definitely classless. I’m an Auburn University alum and grad student – if I think they are classless, that is really saying something!

  • Jerry Jackson


    • andoss080611

      Seriously? It shows that you are an Auburn fan. You do realize that Auburn is in Alabama and the “trash talk” is not only going after Alabama fans but also the south and state of Alabama right?

      • Frespech

        I’m not the least bit interested in the shirts- Should be a good game and I’ve got a few Romney bucks that says Alabama wins.

    • Sean Valfrid Palmer

      I bleed orange and navy but really man, let’s show some conference and state pride and realize how tacky this really is. If you want to really represent AU you need to realize that this doesn’t just take a shot at Bama, its a shot at the south.

    • Arrow Smith

      IT was. GO SEC GO – It was hilarious that Alabama shut ND up.

  • kirk

    cousins maybe cause they will stand together and for each other like family sounds like a strength to me

  • Shawn Hamby

    Congratulations Notre Dame! You are mildly relevant again after years of mediocrity. Your prize? You get to be this season’s sacrificial lamb to the SEC!

  • Ed Browning

    A bunch of mullet wearing Igors from the belfry smoking loaded stogies.

  • Meighan Bailey

    So… grown, adult men of the church raping young boys INSIDE the church is better than someone marrying their cousin? Neither is acceptable and these shirts are disgusting.

  • Candy Brotherston

    Keep it classy ND.

    • Arrow Smith

      I doubt you will ever here from the mush mouth bunch again.

  • Randy Lee

    Im a bama fan and im offended, were not all catholics here there’s some baptist

    • Ty Tompkins

      uh.. i think its the other way around buddy

    • Casey

      Notre Dame is the Catholics referred to in this case. It’s a Catholic university.

      • Arrow Smith

        With a new Pope who could be the first gay one.

        • Abe

          He’s not gay he’s just actually read the New Testament and has basic reading comprehension unlike most Christians.

          Oh and the Vatican artwork – they hired a homosexual. In the reinassaince.

    • Matt

      This post gives the shirt some legitimacy.

      • Jennifer Thrower

        The original post was on purpose. The person was trying to be funny…

      • Arrow Smith

        You are a total idiot.

  • Casey

    I grew up Catholic IN Alabama and this is just classless and crass. I’m offended all around.

  • Susie Boles

    I think it’s Hilarious! And I’m from Arkansas, where we hear the cousin jokes all the time, and I don’t hate Bama (I’m RTR-ing for this game, we hogs fans haven’t had much to cheer about this year), but it’s still pretty darn funny.

  • Roll Tide

    Alabama fans don’t have to talk trash…we do all our talking on the field…just as we will do in Miami…# 15 on it’s way to T-town…RTR

    • Richard Fitzwell

      What number do you wear?
      Thought so, big talker……..

  • Christy Claxton Jaeger

    Shouldn’t that read Catholics + 1 Mormon? Or do they discount the main reason they made it this far…Manti Te’o

  • Sydney Branch

    I don’t feel the need to be offended. Once we kick their tail all the way back to leprechaun land they won’t be so confident. Pretension without anything to back it up is nothing more than an empty sock; it can’t take you anywhere.

  • Anthony O’Cain

    Blood is thicker than holy water!!!!!!

  • Vicki Kennerson

    Love it! Go Irish!

    • Arrow Smith

      Go where? Go to hell because I am going to Tuscaloosa.

  • John E. Lee

    Best talk their trash now because I imagine it’s going to be at least mildly difficult to say much through the busted mouth that Alabama is going to leave them with.

  • Dewayne Guyton

    Here’s my two cents….Notre Dame, Our God came OFF the cross about 2000 years ago. You keep putting Him back and praying to his mama. You better pray to the Father and know this, when you cross the Mason Dixon line, you’ll be in God’s country. Welcome to FOOTBALL. Roll Tide!

    • Sean Valfrid Palmer

      I hate everything Notre Dame but… what? seriously? You’re going to turn this into a battle of theology? Let’s keep our focus here and remember that this is about FOOTBALL, not beliefs.

    • Katie Gale

      Yikes. Be careful there, Dewayne. You can’t have Jesus without the Cross, and you can’t have Him without His mother’s cooperation. Settle down and get educated before you defile something you don’t understand.

  • Michael Fortune

    Wow some people cant take a joke. Ill be cheering for Bama, but still this is pretty funny.

  • Colby

    Thats really not ok

  • Karl Naumann

    Lets see, Child Rapers vs. Kissin’ Cousins…….. I’ll take the Kissin’ Cousins!!! Just kidding. I’m a die hard ‘Bama fan and I think it’s funny, mainly because we’re gonna tear them a hole new arse come 1/7/13!!! People need to grow up and not take everything so seriously, I mean really. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jim

      in case you did not know this was by a company not related to Notre Dame to sell shirts and you comment is inappropriate…. maybe you should grow up and leave children out of this..

  • TFS

    Its not an official ND shirt, rather printed by some off company. It has nothing to do with the University. They’re classier then this. Regardless tho, its a joke people. Relax.

  • andoss080611

    This is just pathetic and classless!

  • disqus_DLU2GKtrn3

    Don’t Catholic priest molest lil boys…So that is really saying something bout them…We stand proud..I’m an Auburn fan but I will pulling for SEC…How many Championships does The SEC have compared to Notre Dame…Go SEC!!! The midget will get stomped by Big Al

  • BRT

    Classless, just like the child molesters so I guess it makes sense

  • Kaila Thomas

    I think a bunch of guys running around on a field slapping each others butts is pretty gay. Most people in general have no class or consideration for others anyhow so I say let them show their true colors. I will sit here and be content in my life that I don’t have to deal with you.

    • u2u2u2

      Please link a video of actual football players “running around on a field slapping each others butts”. If you can, you are smart. If you can’t, then you are an ignorant crackwhore.

    • Arrow Smith

      Well Kaila Thomas you do. This goes on in Indiana, New Jersey, Alabama, California, and all over. You have to deal with it every single day.

    • Arrow Smith

      Well Kaila did you find that butt slapping you were told to find. Well?

  • Ryan T Russell

    This t-shirt was created by an independent t-shirt co. named Sports Crack. It has no association with the University of Notre Dame. Do you morons seriously believe that ND would make a shirt like this? Wow some people are stupid.

  • tj

    You all do realize that youre “boy rapists” comments are just as stupid as the cousins reference right? Im an nd fan and i hate the shirt but fighting stupidity with stupidity doesnt make sense.

  • unbiased

    and ND best player is a mormom

  • Dan Mills

    Yeah. Umm…trash says it all. Since when did Notre Dame students and Alums and the entire Catholic Notre Dame community race to the ghetto and trailer park arguments over a football game.

  • Leeroy

    That’s fine. Alabama is going to rape Notre Dame like their clerics do children,

  • disqus_Zme9AL4F4S

    I think it’s funny. They’re playing on stereotypes. The shirt might have been made to poke fun at the south but there could be just as much negativity attributed to Catholics so…. shirt fail. Lol

  • Rick Phillips

    I’m a Buckeye fan and I think the Tide will roll all over the Irish…

  • Abe

    I don’t really care. I’m a Catholic Alabama fan. Fans talk trash – remember the Scam Newton shirts? This might be a little more offensive to the fanbase but who cares. Our football team/coach is respectful and that’s all that really matters.

    • Doug Hayen

      I have the utmost respect for your football team and I believe the SEC is the best conference in the country and I am a lifelong ND fan, but you coach, not so much.

  • Abe

    And besides Te’o is a fucking mormon. Great job ND.

  • Sharie Crittenden

    After all, Notre Dame is the 2nd best football program in the nation, historically speaking, but guess who IS the greatest of all time?

  • MM

    From my point of view, the T shirt only shows how little people really know about different regions of their own country. It is too easy to make general statements for sensationalism. The T shirt may have been made as a bit of a joke, but it is this kind of thing that prevents people from even wanting to get to know one another. It perpetuates stereotypes on both sides.

  • maureen Jackson

    I grew up an Irish Catholic, Notre Dame fan up north. I now live in Alabama.. This is going to be fun!!

    • Arrow Smith

      For Alabama. Not ND.

  • Blaine Morgan

    I remember when Notre Dame struggled with an unranked Pitt team this year and you guys seriously think you are gonna be Alabama the defending nation champion not to mention the last 2 of the last 6 national titles belonging to the sec. They would have to drop to name calling and lower standards cause any idiot can see Notre Dame is in for a good old fashioned take them behind the tool shed butt whooping. Good luck with your shirts after the game you can use them to wipe away your tears of sorrow and defeat.

  • sec #1 again

    “Cousins” really this coming from CATHOLIC ALTAR BOYS

  • Lee

    Molesters vs Magnificent

  • alabama buckeye

    I am a Catholic living in Alabama but from Ohio…it’s just a shirt and it’s just a game. Root for whomever you want and leave the religion and name calling out of it…enjoy the game and have fun.