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(VIDEO) Kirk Herbstreit Goes Berserk Over Northern Illinois Getting into Orange Bowl

For years, analysts and fans alike have been railing on the BCS system for not allowing in teams that aren’t from major conferences. Boise State was long the poster child of the BCS system’s prejudice towards the Alabama’s, Florida’s and Ohio State’s of the college football world and their mathematical and systematical tight rope allowed in no outsiders.

Boise State eventually got in, but it was clear that they’d be the only ones. That’s until Northern Illinois got through the tightest of loop holes in the BCS system and weaseled their way into a BCS Bowl game.

The Huskies won the MAC title on Saturday and needed to finish at No. 16 in the BCS or higher to somehow secure a BCS bid over other probably more deserving major conference schools ahead of them. But this comes with the territory and is the nature of the game, when Boise State was constantly getting screwed in favor of less deserving, the same outcry was had.

But that’s where it gets annoyingly hypocritical, and ESPN talking head Kirk Herbstreit spearheaded said hypocrisy by losing his junk over NIU getting into a BCS Bowl over the like of Clemson, Georgia and Oklahoma.

On last night’s bowl selection show, instead of the analysts breaking down how Northern Illinois making it into the BCS was a way of giving the middle finger to the BCS system and how stupid it is, the fireballs were launched at NIU and how having the Huskies in a BCS Bowl is, as Herbstreit said, “a joke” and reflects the “sad state of college football”.

Here’s what I don’t get, for years we’ve been saying why doesn’t the little guy get a chance and when said little guy gets a chance, it’s as though the Huskies have beaten to death out mothers with aluminum soup cans whilst wearing Bugs Bunny suits. I was under the impression that ESPN analysts were on board with the notion that the BCS system is a joke.

Oh, that was before they became financially involved with them.

Obviously, the Huskies getting into a BCS Bowl game is going to be controversial but it further proves that the BCS is a stupid system, and those railing against the team rather than calling for a new system are missing the point.

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