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Seahawks Cut WR Braylon Edwards

Braylon Edwards career with the Seattle Seahawks is officially over, as the team has announced they’ve cut the veteran receiver today. Two valuable lessons were learned today, one was that Edwards clearly is far from the receiver he once was in Cleveland and the other was never ever burn bridges with your former teams.

Earlier in the day Edwards made the news cycle when he said the New York Jets are run by idiots. He later apologized for that and even stuck up for quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Now Edwards is on the lookout for his fifth NFL team in his career. Edwards started his promising career in Cleveland and was for a long time the Browns best player. He burned bridges there and was traded to the New York Jets where he proceeded to completely disappear. His complete falling off the face of the Earth act called into question his actual worth in the NFL.

Logic suggests that if Edwards was a star in Cleveland, and was non-existent in New York, San Francisco and Seattle, that he’s really not that good. Being the best player on the Browns clearly isn’t a hard thing to do.

Back in July Edwards was signed to a one-year deal and has only had eight catches this season. He’s 29 years old and while some wide receivers can hack it in their thirties, Edwards track history is suggesting Seattle might be his last NFL stop.

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