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Dwight Howard Passes Blame on to Others in Lakers Loss to Rockets

Hollywood Howard is having a little trouble with something. He left Orlando after claiming they couldn’t accommodate such a legend of the NBA, and that they didn’t afford him the best chance to win a title. So naturally he moved on to Los Angeles with the expectation that he would glide to his first NBA title and secure his name among the best in the history of the sport.

Then Hollywood Howard realized that the glitz and glamor are just a little man behind a curtain pretending to be Oz, and that actually winning takes actual work. But if you’re looking to blame Howard and his poor free throw shooting for the Lakers loss on Tuesday, then you’d better not say it to his face.

Either that or Howard has been spending a little too much time rocking out to Shaggy, as if you ask him what went wrong for the Lakers against the Rockets, Hollywood’s answer is simple: it wasn’t me.

“It wasn’t just about me missing free thows toward the end. We’ve got to do a better job defending.” Howard said after Los Angeles dropped their 10th game of the season. “That’s fine. That’s fine. People going to say what they’re going to say. But at the end of the day, the reason we lost is not my free throws. That didn’t lose us the game. Our defense was not there in the fourth quarter.”

Howard missed some crucial free throws down the stretch of the Lakers two point loss to Houston, but the incident raises an even bigger question for the Lakers. If the losing continues, will Howard –who is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season– walk to another team?

The whole reason Howard came to L.A. was that he didn’t have a choice of where he could freely sign. I mean, we all know he forced the deal, but it’s not like he was able to name his price. Should the Lakers not secure a title this season, or produce a promising future, there is no reason to believe someone as shady as Howard would commit long term.

No one wants to believe that we’ll have to endure Dwight Drama all over again, especially since it was so messy and annoying when he wasn’t a free agent. And while we may be reading into this a lot, it’s not the incident that needs to be dissected, it’s the situation and if Howard’s proven anything during his career it’s that he doesn’t like bad situations.

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