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Report: Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Expected to Return Next Year

There has been much speculation out of New York as to the future of head coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mitch Tannenbaum. The safe bet was that both of them would be out of jobs following one of the worst years of the Rx Ryan era in New York, but it turns out we may have all been getting caught up in the hype.

New York Daily News writer Manish Mehta said today that he firmly believes Ryan will indeed be back next season, and rather than be fired, Mitch Tannenbaum will be simply reassigned.

Ryan is under contract in New York for two more years, and a firing would probably come next season when the Jets owe Ryan a lot less money. It also gives Ryan a chance to straighten things out in the Big Apple, as this season was a blip on the radar. As bad as things have been with the Jets form the end of last season through this year, Ryan will have a 50-50  rating in terms of making or missing the playoffs.

As ruthless as the NFL is, unless you’re A.J. Smith you don’t fire a coach on a 50-50 hunch.

Should Ryan miss the playoffs again next season, not only is it more justifiable to fire him then, but there will likely be a better coaching crop. As of now the top two candidates are Jon Gruden and Chip Kelly, both of whom will likely be going elsewhere if anywhere at all.

Nothing is set in stone, and the Jets could still fire Ryan, but it’s starting to look like his fate might not be as certain as it seemed earlier this year.

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