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Alabama Crimson Tide Answer Irish Talk Trash for National Championship Game

Earlier this month, the Notre Dame Irish fired the first shotsin the war of words leading up to January 7th’s Nation Championship game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. After a few days of letting the burn rub in, the Tide have answered back with a trash talk T-shirt of their own, not addressing the Catholics vs. Cousins shot, but rather exclaiming that they’d rather be good than lucky.

We still have a month until the game is actually played, and the matchup will be talked to death between now and then so expect plenty more of these creative jabs between the Irish and Tide.

The Notre Dame Irish are heading to their first title game since 1988, but the Tide have been here two of the last three years. To be honest, the Notre Dame trash talk shirts sort of underwhelmed. The school hasn’t been in a title game in over 20 years and the best they came up with was a lame you guys marry your cousins joke.

Alabama clearly gets the early victory in the trash talk battle, as the slogan is subtle and it’s likely a lot truer than the statement made by Notre Dame. It could be a preview of how the title game will go, but while Notre Dame went for the cheap laugh, Alabama went for the truth. Read into however you will, we have plenty of time to talk about it.

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  • Bobby Shirey

    crapama wasn’t trash talking when the AGGIES beat that Ass.POW!!!

    • Fredrick Lamar Mayes

      Yeah They beat the tide, Yadda Yadda Yadda. How long are you morons gonna keep kicking that dead dog? Texas played a good game and the Tide just wasn’t prepared like they should have been.

      • David Woods

        Then can talk about it as long as they want and by the way, it was Texas A&M.. Bama fans are notorious for bringing up the past. It’s just funny how you forget the many years before Saban that Bama was a crap team.. Now you want to toot the horn on winning.. Please!!!

        • Sandy Leeth Wise

          Wow and they weren’t winning teams under Bear Bryant…what a fool

        • Daniel Ray Fichter

          Texas AM aint in the National Championship……OH WAT NOW

        • Michael Roll Tide Wheeler

          If I remember right we won a championship in 1992, a couple conference championships after that. What has.Notre Dame done since what…? 1988. Id rather be a crap team for a couple years rather than 2 decades worth of sucking it up. Yeah we bring up the pass cause we have a reason to. Cause we did something.

        • Terry G. McClinton

          We will never forget our lean years…although they weren’t around THAT long in the grand scheme of things…and never as bad as years. Roll Tide….and they will!!

    • Kimberly Larkin

      If Bama was “crap”, you wouldnt be bragging about beating them, now would ya, Bobby? I hope Manziel wins the Heisman. He deserves it.

    • Bryon rtr

      Ur a crackhead bama played how many top teams b4 AnM they were beat up my tired so keep ur trash talk to a minimum

  • Scott

    Lets just do our talking on the field Bama folks. RTR!

  • charlie b

    U Bama fans keep talkin about the teams u played. The Irish beat 9 bowl eligible teams. the Tide beat 5. Quit cryin and hiding behind the SEC. you will be exposed soon enough

    • Ronald Miller

      Well Charlie B put your money where your big mouth is if you so sure of that shit!!!! We got exposed against Auburn when we let them cross the fifty yard line !!! I’m still upset about that !!! If you don’t have a dog in the fight then just STFU you Ignorant Ass !!!!!!!! PS: Just let me know how much you want to bet on Notre Dame !!!!

      • charlie b

        Im from South Bend IN, will be at the game on the 7th, and would love to put my money where my mouth is. I already have.I have a big dog in this fight. One thing is for sure, Ronald Miller, watch your conduct. No one insulted you, just stated facts. The facts remain that WE beat 9 bowl eligible teams to your 5. Check out ESPN to verify. And all the SEC talk is history. If you wanna talk history then ND has more national championships, more home game wins, and one of the highest graduation percentages in the NCAA. Recent history, ancient history= HISTORY. This YEAR we are #1. Bama is #2. We are and will remain undefeated. So in reference to your ignorant comment, obviously you have a hard time reading FACTS! What you are reading above is the FACTS. The only ignorance in this blog is your half cocked reply. Again, watch your conduct and have a nice day Cousin! GO IRISH!

        • John

          If you actually think this game is going to be close you are crazy

        • Susan Ayers

          Why did u call him cousin?

        • Thomas Woodward

          YO CHUCK!! TOOT, TOOT,TOOT that horn beadsqueezer!!! BAMA is comin’ to SILENCE the South Bend nobodys. IT will happen. ND has a 37.48% chance of winning this game. The SEC is just BETTER. aTm would take down your golden domies, along with Fl, GA, & LSU. Bring your mouth and cash to MIami, and go home, BROKE, disappointed, and EMBARRASSED!! ND ain’t Richard Petty, so being LUCKY won’t suffice Jan 7th!!!! ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE!!!!!!

        • Ken W. Neihart

          Gonna be a LONG lonesome ride home all the way back to South Bend. Stop in BAMA on your way home and we’ll let you see pictures of the trophy, may even through in some catfish so you don’t go hungry on the way home, after all you gonna be one broke ass Irish ;-p

        • Joe Kidd

          The bowl teams Alabama played during the season went 3-4 in the bowls.

          Average points of defeat was 5.75. LSU lost by 1, MSU lost by 14 killing the average. Western Kentucky lost by 3

          Average points of victory of the 3 teams was 21.

          Notre Dame’s bowl opponents went 2-6

          Average points of defeat was 25

          Average points of victory of the 2 teams 3.5

    • Sandy Leeth Wise

      I knew I needed a good laugh today….this one was good RTR

    • Dan Summer

      not one SEC team though…need to compare apples ans apples…

    • Joe Kidd

      You ought to take a look at how those 9 bowl eligible teams fared in their bowls….

  • nicolle

    wait you think i’d rather be good than lucky is a better shirt than catholics vs cousin? because no one has ever said that before when they’ve played the irish. i definitely think that catholics vs cousins was more of a dig than this one

  • Sandy Leeth Wise

    Bama, fight your fight on the field. You got this!!!! RTR

  • Susan Ayers

    “Likely a lot truer” ….are you serious? We could’ve said ANYTHING and it would be truer than the cousin line…

  • baggins

    Notre Dame is good, but they’re not SEC good! Bama’s gonna spank that ass!

  • Jimmy V

    seriously, Notre Dame goes uNDefeated, 12-0 with a 31-13 win AT Norman. a win at USC and you’re gonna try and take away from that, you spelled SEC fanboy wrong. I’d rather be undefeated than lose on my own field to a fresman. and how about Golden Domers vs. Mobile Homers

    • Tim Morrow

      You Domers love to talk about Choklahoma…They “earned” that moniker for a reason. They haven’t won the “big” game yet in this century. Once Bama gets done with you, you will realize going to Norman and winning is no big deal. Beating an SEC team would be, if you could do it. But you won’t…Oh and 11-1 in the Big Boy League is a hell of a lot better than 12-0 against inferior competition. And you had to have help from the ref’s even then.

      • Joe Kidd

        Last night, Texas A&M humiliated Oklahoma and beat them a lot worse than Notre Dame did.

    • Joe Kidd

      How about Southern Style against Pedophiles.

  • Jimmy V

    I’d rather have some close wins and go 12-0 than go 11-1

    • Joe Kidd

      I wouldn’t if two of them are games my team should have lost if not for gifts from the referees.