Battle of the Beltways: The Baltimore Ravens vs the Washington Redskins

This matchup on Sunday will be an interesting one. The Ravens are coming off a tough loss to their biggest rival. The Redskins are coming in hot, currently on a three game winning streak.

This is also the time of year where teams are fighting for playoff position. The Ravens are sitting at the top of the AFC North, the projected third seed in the AFC. The Washington Redskins are currently second in the NFC East, projected seventh seed in the NFC

So who will be more motivated? A team coming off a tough loss to a divisional rival, or a team that seems to be getting hotter as they keep winning?  For the game Sunday, much more than bragging rights are at stake.

The Ravens can clinch the AFC North if they beat the Redskins, AND both Pittsburg and Cincinnati lose. The Redskins have a much tougher road ahead, they have to beat AFC North Ravens and Browns, and then divisional rivals Eagles and Cowboys.

So how can the Ravens be sure to win? Control Robert Griffin III. Griffin has thrown for 667 yards with nine touchdowns and just one interception, while rushing for 185 yards.

But the same goes for the Redskins; they have to control the Raven’s running game, if Ray Rice ever gets the ball. Rice had only 14 touches last week against the Steelers, none of which came in the fourth quarter.

This game will be a fun one to watch, putting the winner in optimal playoff contention.

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