(GIF) Antonio Brown Forgets to Pick Up Fumble, Runs Anyways

Norv Turner is on his way out in San Diego, but no one apparently told that to the Pittsburgh Steelers who got whooped by the Chargers on Sunday at home. Things got bad for the Steelers, but one play personified their horrible day perfectly.

Down 20-3, The Steelers tried a bubble screen — or at least we hope it was– but it just failed miserably. Not only was it a backwards pass thus making it a fumble, but the recovery and execution of dealing with the situation was laughable at worst, hilariously nutty at best. On the play, Antonio Brown tried to catch a pass, missed it and it rolled into the endzone.

What happened next was the best part of of the play and showed just how bafoonish the Steelers were on Sunday.

The ball rolled into the end zone and Antonio Brown followed it the whole way. All he needed to do was cover it up and the damage would have been minimal. But instead of doing that he tried to pick it up and run it out. Brown ran out of the endzone but he forgot one very important thing: the football.

The Steelers tried to make a game of it after that, but they ended up losing anyways. Norv Turner may be a dead man coaching but at least he didn’t look as foolish as the Steelers did today.


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