49ers Suspend RB Brandon Jacobs Rather Than Cut Him

The San Francisco 49ers loaded up on running backs this offseason, having two already on roster, signing third and drafting a fourth. We’ve barely seen Kendall Hunter this season and most of us forgot who Brandon Jacobs and LaMichael James are. James is perfectly okay with this — and even if he’s not, he’s not letting the world know.

The same cannot be said for Brandon Jacobs who has been griping about not getting enough carries all season long. It goes without saying that on a selfless team like the 49ers, selfish acts are not tolerated. Alex Smith barely piped up about hating the fact that he was replaced for “no good reason” before he shut up and dealt with it.

Jacobs hasn’t shut up on his own all year long and now the 49ers are forcing him to. Rather than cut Jacobs, or even talk about Jacobs, San Francisco has simply suspended him for the final three games of the regular season and likely won’t be adding him on their postseason roster.

The move is calculated, as had the 49ers released Jacobs he likely would have signed with a contender the 49ers might have to play at some point between now and hopefully for them the Super Bowl. Also, straight up suspending a guy is a really dirty was of getting back at a guy you really don’t like, as doing say pretty much says that while you could let him play somewhere else, you’re deliberately blocking him from doing so.

It also sends a message to the rest of the 49ers: complain about being on this team, and not only will you not play for it, you won’t play for anyone.

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