Cowboys NT Jay Ratliff Almost Fought Jerry Jones in Locker Room

It’s been a crazy and tumultuous season for the Dallas Cowboys this year, and that’s putting it lightly. From the so-so start, to the recent tragedy involving Jerry Brown’s untimely death at the hands of another teammate, the Cowboys have literally come to define peaks and valleys with their season. But predating the tragedy on Saturday, an incident in the Cowboys locker room last Sunday night almost spilled over into a player attacking owner Jerry Jones.

Jay Ratliff has been hobbled by injuries and the result has been an extremely frustrating season for the Cowboys nose tackle. But his frustrations boiled over last Sunday night when after the win over the Eagles, Ratliff got into a confrontation with Jerry Jones that almost turned physical.

After the game, Jones approached Ratliff about returning from a groin injury that had been sidelining the tackle. Something was either said or insinuated that set Ratliff off as he became to verbally attack Jones in front of the other players. It got so bad that those other players had to step in and separate the two before Ratliff stormed off and left the locker room.

Ratliff didn’t travel with the team to Cincinnati on Sunday and missed yet another game. He attempted to practice earlier in the week but didn’t feel right doing so.

Neither Ratliff, his agent, Jerry Jones or anyone else has commented on what exactly was said. Ratliff is set to make $40 million after he signed a five year extension last season, of which $17.5 million is guaranteed. It’s not likely that he’ll be cut but it’s clear that something is running deep in that Cowboys locker room, something that winning might not be able to fix.

At least not for Ratliff.

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