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Report: Nick Saban Would Be Cleveland Browns Top Target if Micheal Lombardi is Hired as G.M.

If you are familiar with the NFL, you’re well versed in speculation, rumor and heresy. But if you’re familiar with the NFL, then you’re well aware of competitiveness and loyalty — all of these things are forming together to create a superstorm rumor that could shift some powers in the NFL and give Cleveland Browns fans a shot at unfinished business.

Nick Saban took a crack at NFL head coaching with the Dolphins and his tenure there is more remembered for how he exited rather than how he coached. But according to a report on, the Crimson Tide legend could go back to his old stomping grounds of Cleveland to try and get that whole NFL head coaching thing right the second time around.

While it’s just rumor at the moment, the move would make a lot of sense for both Saban, the Browns and fans of obscure nostalgia.

Back in the early 90s, a young coach named Bill Belichick — a protege of Bill Parcels– became the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. He assembled what would eventually become a staff of successful head coaches, assistants and executives in the NFL and all the men became a tight knit group. Nick Saban was defensive coordinator for the Browns during this stretch from 1991-1994 and many believe had the team not moved after 1995 that the staff would have won a Super Bowl.

Micheal Lombardi was also a part of that group, serving as a glorified temp, but he cut his teeth with the Browns, grew friendships and eventually became an NFL executive.

According to the report, should Lombardi become the new general manager of the Cleveland Browns, his old colleague Nick Saban would become his top coaching target.

It’s a formula that isn’t new. The whole reason people think the Browns would have won a Super Bowl relies heavily on the fact that Scott Pioli reunited with Belichick in New England and the duo created a dynasty. The hope in Cleveland is that not only will Lombardi and Saban recreate that magic, but they’d be doing in the place many believe Belichick should have been winning Super Bowls in the late 90s rather than in New England in the early 2000s.

Nothing has even been offered yet, so much so that Lombardi hasn’t even accepted the job in Cleveland. But while the NFL lives off of rumors and speculation, this could be a scenario that plays out for as many multiple reasons as it won’t.

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