New York Jets Claim Braylon Edwards Off Waivers

Despite making it look like he had burned all his bridges back to New York, Braylon Edwards is once again a New York Jet. After being waived by the Seattle Seahawks last week, the Jets put in a claim on the receiver and were today awarded the right to sign him. The fact that Braylon Edwards has out pen to paper again in New York speaks volumes about both the Jets and Edwards.

For starters, things are so bad in New York that the best option to improve the offense is to bring back a receiver that fell off the face of the earth during his final moments with the franchise. Not only that, but Edwards flamed the Jets as recently as last week — almost hours before he was cut.

So this means that Edwards publicly stated how stupid he thinks the Jets are and the people who run the franchise are and he later gets a job with the very same team, working for the very same people he blasted.

As for Edwards, it speaks more about his lack of worth than it does about how a team claimed him. Sure the Jets claimed him and did so after he nuked his bridge back to the Big Apple. But it’s the Jets, not a contender that came knocking on Edwards door. It wasn’t a team needing a halfway decent receiver to add to their weaponry, it was a team that is so bad they are about five minutes away from asking Fireman Ed to return but as a receiver not a fan.

Edwards and the Jets getting back together is like some sloppy gossip rags story only mindless drones who are addicted to E! and US Weekly would find mildly amusing and that’s pushing it. It’s a storyline but one from a 1980s B-movie that is just watched by stoned frat boy hipsters who think it’s a birlliant piece of art.

Nobody really cares.

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