Redskins Hint Towards Robert Griffin III Missing Sunday's Game

Redskins fans have gone from loathing every single person to take a snap for their team, to loving the guy currently doing it. But while Washington is in the playoff hunt, they may have to move forward without Robert Griffin III, as his knee sprain may be more serious than it was initially made out to be by the Redskins.

Griffin hasn’t been ruled out for the season, heck he’s not even been ruled out for the Redskins next game, but he hasn’t been told he’s starting either. And RGIII’s not the only one who hasn’t received that news, in fact according to a slip up by receiver Pierre Garçon the team has been given entirely different news.

Speaking this morning on, Garçon let it slip that the Redskins may have already named Kirk Cousins the starter for this Sunday’s showdown with the Cleveland Browns.

“We have a little bit tougher of a task with Kirk starting,” Garçon said. “We have to play well around Kirk so Kirk doesn’t feel like he has to save the team and help him to be a comfortable as possible.”

Cryptic wouldn’t be the term I’d use here as much as brain fart.

Really, it’s not a big deal that Garcçon let it slip, as we were faced with the pretty real possibility that RGIII would be out this Sunday anyways. All this does is confirm our suspicions. Besides, the Redskins are playing the Cleveland Browns who, albeit are a trap gam, aren’t very good this year. Combine that with the fact that Washington would much rather use RGIII against the Eagles and Cowboys in their last two games and you’ve got the reason why Cousin’s is starting.

A more concerning topic of debate is that Robert Griffin III has played just 13 NFL games and he’s already suffered two pretty serious injuries from neglecting to slide on his signature scrambles.

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