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Floyd Mayweather Bet $100,000 on Warriors to Beat Heat, Jarrett Jack Admits to Knowing About It


It’s no secret that boxer Floyd Mayweather likes to gamble. He famously placed a $3 million bet on the Michigan-Alabama game in the first week of college football, and days later he placed a $200,000 bet on the second half line in the Dallas Cowboys game.

He’s also no stranger to betting on basketball and winning at the last second. He placed a $275,000 on the Spurs beating the Lakers back on November 13th and he won it on a buzzer beater. The Spurs are a formidable opponent though, o the bet didn’t seem like that much of a gamble. But when Mayweather put $100,000 on the line that the Warriors would stroll into South Beach and beat the Heat, we all thought his hot streak was over.

After all, he hit it lucky with the Spurs buzzer beater, which hardly discounts his $3 million promise that Michigan would beat Alabama.

But Mayweather might have a career at the next Jimmy the Greek, as not only did Mayweather place his money on the Warriors, he won on yet another buzzer beater finish.

Warriors point guard Jarrett Jack commented after the game that Mayweather had “placed a little bug in his ear” that he had money riding on Golden State.

There is really two stories to take out of this. First, Mayweather hit is large again; but secondly Jarrett Jack basically said on live television that he was aware of sports gambling heading into his game against the Heat.

Now, Jack didn’t say Mayweather was paying him, but given the NBA’s not so cozy history with on court gambling scandals, David Stern isn’t going to be tickled over Jack’s little sound bite.

Maybe he can just go to Mayweather and get a kick back, the man apparently can’t miss sniping betting lines from atop his mountain of cash.

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