Olympic Gold Medalist Bode Miller Accidentally Destroys His Wife's Face with a Golf Ball

Bode Miller is known for a few things. He’s an Olympic gold medalist, he’s flaked on his effort in more than one race (allegedly) because he’d rather party, and now he’s known as perhaps the world’s worst golfer.

Miller was out with his wife, professional volleyball player Morgan Miller (nee Beck), when both the world and the beautiful Mrs. Miller discovered that while Bode may be able to ski at an Olympic level (and party at one), he’s not going to be chasing Arnold Palmer or Jack Nicklaus anytime soon. While the duo were golfing yesterday, Bode accidentally drilled his gorgeous wife in the face with a stray ball and the result is not so attractive.

The volleyball star formerly known as Morgan Beck, suffered a pretty gruesome laceration above an eye that’s going to be swollen and black for a very long time.

Beck was in good spirits about it though, which is surprising given how nasty the injury is. But she tweeted a bloodied photo of herself, so we’re going to assume she rubbed some dirt in it and finished the round.

She gave an update this morning on her Twitter saying she was feeling better but that she still can’t see out of her eye and the swelling hasn’t gone down much. That and hospital beds are not equipped to comfortably support a female volleyball player. But she also noted that the sunglasses she was wearing at the time of the accident likely saved her from losing an eye.

I think a certain sunglass company has an endorsement in the near future.


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