(VIDEO) ESPN Analyst Asks If Robert Griffin III is a "Cornball Brother", Snowballs From There

Good lord people, how many articles about race in sports am I going to have to seethe through before my head explodes. First, we had race-baiting from Stephen A. Smith about the criticism of Cam Newton and then Warren Moon got in on it. But even Stephen A. Smith was made uncomfortable by comments made by ESPN First Take analyst Rob Parker on Robert Griffin III’s “brotherhood”.

If there was a highlight film of foot in mouth moments, Parker’s bizarre tirade on Thursday’s edition of First Take would be the climax.

Before I unleash the stupidity onto you, let me try and give you the jist of what Parker was babbling about. The topic of debate somehow got onto Robert Griffin III’s race (you know, because that’s the most important thing about his game…), and from there Parker launched into a very awkward critique of not Griffin III’s game, or his inability to slide and reduce the damage on his body.

Rather Parker started on about RGIII’s braids and their correlation to his “brotherhood” and it all snowballed from there. Parker went on to say that he’s not sure if RGIII is “a brother or a cornball brother”, saying that he’s not sure he’s a guy black people would want to hang out with — the premise being RGIII is too white to be black.

Parker cites random facts like RGIII’s white fiancé, or the fact that there are rumblings he’s a Republican.

You can tell that once Parker started, he probably wanted to stop but he just couldn’t contain himself. This doesn’t make Parker a racist, it just makes him stupid. Race baiting in sports has become about as trendy as the games themselves. It’s a stupid trend, it’s a lame trend and it needs to stop.

What does RGIII need to do to be black? I was brought up thinking it was just a skin pigmentation and nothing more. RGIII is black, alert the press because so are 42 million other Americans in this country. What is troubling is what Parker was insinuating, that RGIII needs to not be marrying a white woman, be a democrat and I’ll stop there but you see where this is going.

It’s not that Parker inserted his foot directly into his mouth, it’s that said foot was full of racial nuclear bombs. He was saying RGIII needs to do more black things — what the hell does that mean?

You know you’ve said too much and gone too far when Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith give you the I don’t know that guy treatment.

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