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Report: Kirk Cousins Given Start over Robert Griffin III on Sunday

All week long, the Washington Redskins were being very hush about who would get the nod as starter against the Browns. Turns out that even after saying he was okay and getting a promise from his father that he’d start, Robert Griffin III will not start against Cleveland and Kirk Cousins will instead be the quarterback foe Washington.

The move doesn’t come as too big of a surprise, as Griffin III didn’t take any first team reps all week in practice. He did participate, which gave some Redskins fans hope, but the decision was ultimately to start Cousins instead.

It’s also not like Cousins is playing Brady Quinn in starting. He came in for the injured RGIII last week and not only lead the Redskins to overtime against the Ravens, he helped them win the game and keep Washington alive in the NFC playoff picture.

And it’s not as though the Redskins are gearing up for a battle with the Patriots either, it’s the Cleveland Browns who are a trap game at the very best.

There is no guarantee that Cousins will blow things up for the Redskins, but there is also no evidence that he’ll ruin their playoff chances either. At the very worst, Cousins is mediocre and the Redskins eek out a win. There is really not a whole lot of ways Sunday can go bad for the Redskins, and starting an injured RGIII was one of them.

With that bad decision out of the way, Redskins fans are in a win-win. Either Kirk Cousins proves Washington has two capable quarterbacks in town, or the fact that RGIII will be healthy for next week will calm the crowds.

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