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Buccaneers LB Adam Hayward Gets Into Shoving Match with Coach Brian Cox

The blowout is on in New Orleans and the Bucs are on the wrong side of it. From swiss cheese pass defense to redzone mistakes by the offense, the Buccaneers are frustrated, and they just can’t do anything right.

But frustration is the key word here, as emotions are boiling over for the Bucs.

First, Josh Freeman rip his helmet off after throwing his second redzone and visibly display his anger. But the boiling of emotions didn’t stop there, as after a lengthy and bizarre string of plays for the Bucs on defense, linebacker Adam Hayward got into a shoving match with linebackers coach Brian Cox on the sidelines.

This isn’t a huge surprise since, as we’ve mentioned, the Bucs are beyond frustrated with themselves today and a lot of the emotion is spilling over from last week’s last minute loss to the Eagles.

But while it’s understandable that it could happen, it’s embarrassing that it did.

Shoving coaches is not something that belongs on any disciplined sideline but more importantly it clashes with everything the Greg Schiano regime seems to represent. It’s a fiery regime, and it’s not duckies and bunnies, but it’s not a regime that allows frustration to boil over in such a visual way.

Both Cox and Hayward have been known to be fiery guys, but the fact that a shoving match occurred in an emotional game and that it happend on Greg Schiano’s sideline isn’t going to go over well at all.

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