Famous Boxers Playing Poker

There are many professional boxers who are attracted to playing poker. They say that the game is a little like boxing. You have to take a lot of hits and you have to give a lot of hits, as well. You only win when you have given more hits than those that you have received. Professional boxers need to withstand periods when they are badly beaten, which is similar to poker, when your stacks are low. When you start losing, it is the time that you question yourself if this sport is really meant for you.

Many men have tried their luck in the world of boxing, but only a few manage to reach it to the elite level. You have to be good at gambling to succeed. When you are dealing with online casino gaming sites like partypoker, luck is not your only chance of winning. You also need the skill to get going. Party Poker is one of the famous gaming websites where people can play different casino games such as Slots, Hold ‘Em Texas and Black Jack. PartyPoker’s website has its own hub where online players can interact with professional poker players such as Kara Scott, Tony G. and Mike Sexton.

Online poker games need not only be played by professionals. It can also be played by doctors, lawyers and even by professional boxers. With the right motivation, positive thinking and will power (skills that are also needed to win boxing), you will have the chance to win the pot money easily.

Albert Sosnowski, a Polish heavyweight boxer said that with online poker, he can play whilst he trains. When he is playing poker, he only needs his laptop, chair and a nearby socket to keep him going. On his very first attempt to play poker, Albert Sosnowski admitted that he was very unlucky, but this didn’t stop him. He started to change his poker strategy, he became more patient. Indeed, this strategy made him better in terms of playing poker.

A world-famous boxer named Evander Holyfield attended one of the world’s largest poker fair, Poker in the Park. He is an avid poker fan and plays the game when he is not training.

Even Manny Pacquiao, who is considered as one of the best pound for pound boxer, has been a common sight in many poker venues around the world. At the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, Pacman was seen playing before his big fight against Shane Mosley. He played a $100/$200 No Limit Hold’Em. A world poker event was named after him. This was held at the Pan Pacific Hotel’s Asia Poker Sports Club in Malate, Philippines. The event was called the Manny Pacquiao World Poker Event.

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