Packer Expected to Trade or Release Jermichael Finley after Season

Jermichael Finely burst onto the scene a few years ago as a rising star in the NFL. He wasn’t touting superstar talent, but he also wasn’t on his way to not becoming one of the league’s best tight ends. But thanks to injury and a big mouth, Finley has fallen off the map in the NFL and he’s fallen out with the Packers in Green Bay.

The Packers are expected to either trade Finley or just straight up cut him when the new season begins on March 15th.

Last season Finely made it known he wanted a new contract and didn’t want to be franchise tagged. The resulting battle was ugly, it was greedy and it’s now resulted in the Packers ultimate decision to just let Finely go this offseason.

There is also the matter of Finely calling out Aaron Rodgers and ruining whatever little chemistry was left between the two.

Trading Finley might be a bit tricky, as he has one year left and is owed a bloated $7 million in that single year next season. Green Bay is hoping for the chance that they can trade Finely and with the basis that the team acquiring the tight end is interested in signing Finely to a long term deal rather than a one year rental.

Something is going to happen to Finely before March 15th, which is the first official day of the new season. It’s on this day that Finely is owed a $3 million roster bonus, a roster bonus the Packers have absolutely no interest in paying.

Either way, whether its a trade or a release, Jermichael Finely won’t be in Green Bay next season.

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