Colin Kaepernick Predicted He'd Play for the 49ers When He was 10 Years Old

There is no question that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is one of the hottest things in the NFL at the moment — and that’s a double pun if you ask the ladies. There’s not much to not like about the young quarterback who’s growing into the next elite quarterback in the NFL, in fact the more we learn about him the more we like him.

When a person gets famous, for some reason we are obsessed with finding out things about them they did before they were famous. In Kapernick’s case, a letter he wrote to himself in the 4th grade is floating around, and the 49ers gunslinger is less like a quarterback and more like Nostradamus. Not only is the note wholly adorable, but Kaepernick nailed almost every prediction he wrote about where he’d be as an adult.

In the note, Kaepernick said that he would one day be 6-foot-four, go to a good college and one day play for the San Francisco 49ers — even if they aren’t good.

I think in seven years I will be 6 ft. – 6ft 4 inches and 140 pounds. hope I go to a good college. … then go to the pros and play for either the Packers or Niners, even if they aren’t good in seven years.

Kaepernick was a bit off when it came to his weight, as he’s around 240 pounds now, but he nailed his prediction he’s be 6-foot-4 and play for the Niners. One thing he missed though, was that the reason the 49ers would be good would be because of him.

This little note and Kaepernick’s adorable class photo is just another one of the many things to love about the next big thing in the NFL.

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