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Judge Lowers Josh Brent's Bail to $100,000; Prohibits Alcohol Use

Josh Brent was on the Cowboys sidelines on Sunday, and he won’t be returning there for the rest of the season. But it’s not all bad news for Brent today as a judge lowered hi bail to $100,000 and is requiring him to stop drinking alcohol immediately.

Brent’s bail was set at $500,000 but as reports (and my calculator), that price has been slashed by 80 percent. Prosecutors admitted that the initial bail for Brent was set too high, and may have been reactionary to the accident.

”We want to treat everyone the same,” Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins said.  ”Just because he’s a Cowboy doesn’t mean his bond should be $500,000.”

Brent’s attorney George Milner was opposed to the stiff bail from it’s annoucement.

”It was off the charts, it was inappropriate,”  said Milner. ”And Mr. Brent should be treated like any other citizen of Dallas County.”

The judge not only lowered Brent’s bail but as we mentioned he prohibited alcohol consumption in any form. Brent will have to wear an alcohol monitor that will detect whether or not he consumed even a drop of booze. This doesn’t in any way get Brent off the hook, nor is it an indication that the prosecution is letting up on the charges and their case against the Cowboys lineman.

Despite support from Jerry Brown’s mother and her plea for Brown’s forgiveness, prosecutors hope to have a case ready for a grand jury by the end of the year and an indictment is extremely likely.

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