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Tim Tebow May Be Heading to CFL Next Season

While the New York Jets traded for Tim Tebow this offseason, he has seldom been used in any sort of useful package this season. Tebow is likely going to request a trade or a straight up release from the Jets, but the question is where will he end up. While there are a number of possible NFL destinations, one landing place for Tebow is the CFL.

Currently the the Montreal Alouettes own the negotiating rights to Tebow in the CFL, and should he be released from the Jets, going north of the boarder to hone his skills a bit might not be the worst option available to Tebow.

With the Broncos last year, Tebow displayed an ability to sort of play quarterback and really play running back. This year with the Jets he got no chances to showcase any sort of improvements he may have made in the offseason. While he could sign with an NFL team, he might be best served by going to Canada to show that he can at least lead a team.

The major knock on Tebow is that he’s a quarterback that’s not really a quarterback. Tebow wouldn’t be the first NFL player to try and revive his career by heading to a different level of football. Kurt Warner played some Arena League football and Ricky Williams headed to Canada before returning to the NFL with the Ravens.

It’s still too early in his career to give up on him, but right now he’s clearly not cut out for the NFL. That’s not to say he won’t one day become NFL ready, but he’ll need to find a place where he can develop his skills further without wasting his chance to be an NFL quarterback. Fail in the NFL as a starter and it’s a long road to recovery. Head to Canada and become a moderate star and you’ve fast tracked your credibility as a quality player.

It might not be the flashiest move for Tebow, but it could be the best.

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