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(VIDEO) Tyson Chandler Says Hello to Jeremy Lin with his Elbow

Jeremy Lin left the Knicks this offseason when they wouldn’t pay him what the open market said he was worth — well what Houston said he was worth. It wasn’t really a case of bad blood considering the fact Lin was a restricted free agent and it was the Knicks decision to let him walk and not the choice of the point guard.

Fast forward to Monday night when the Knicks battled the Rockets, and you had a matchup a lot of people were circling when the NBA schedule was announced. While Lin got the best of his former team, a former teammate got the best of Lin’s neck and head region with their elbow.

Late in the second quarter, Tyson Chandler picked up a flagrant foul when his elbow got all up in Jeremy Lin’s facial business.

It’s hard to believe that Chandler’s elbow to Lin was intentional, but he didn’t look like he was very sorry about it after it happened. To say Chandler elbowed Lin on purpose would be to read into it way too much.

The elbow was a heat of the moment type of situation, Chandler picked up a major foul and the game moved on from there. While some may say it added fuel to the Lin-sanity rivalry, it’s really nothing more than one guy elbowing another guy in a basketball game, it’s not like we saw Haley’s Comet smash into the backboard or anything.

Unless these two teams meet in the Finals, which is still a distant possibility at this point, we won’t have to hear about this until next year and it will likely be forgotten by then.

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