Wade Boggs Attempts to Dance at Oklahoma City Thunder Game and It's Hilarious

Many people remember Wade Boggs for his hitting ability over his illustrious baseball career, but Boggs has always been known to have a lighter side to him. That side was on full display last night at the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game when TV cameras returned from a commercial break to capture a moment of gold from the Hall of Famer.

When cameras returned to the game, they focused on Boggs, who gave a wink and a nod to the camera before breaking in to what can only be described as either spontaneous dance or a minor seizure.

Even though you can’t hear anything in the GIF, you can just imagine some kind of cheesy Hall & Oats song blaring out of the stadium speakers.

The first question you must ask is why was Boggs at a game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs when he himself if form Omaha, Nebraska. Although you can’t hear in the GIF, for some reason the announcers thought it would be a good opportunity to bring up Boggs affection for KFC chicken.

But the money-shot of the piece is when Boggs breaks out into dance, which is actually just him moving his shoulder, swaying a little bit and getting a little creepy while still managing to be amazing. To get the full effect just play the beginning saxophone solo from Baker Street on a loop with the GIF for even more magic.

Seriously, start Baker Street at 0:24 for the most amazing twenty seconds of your life, all courtesy of Wade Boggs.

Had he not already been inducted into the Hall of Fame, Boggs little impromptu groove session is all the evidence we would have needed.

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