Washington State QB Jeff Tuel Declares for NFL Draft

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Move over Tim Allen, there’s a new “Tuel Time” about to hit primetime. After ponder returning for another year at Washington State, quarterback Jeff Tuel has decided he’s going to enter this upcoming April’s NFL Draft.

Tuel isn’t an underclassman, and had he returned he’d have been entering his fifth year at Wazzu. So the news that he’s leaving Washington State for the NFL is both a bit of a surprise and not that big of a shock at the same time. Tuel missed virtually all of the 2011 season with injuries and therefore the school was seeking a fifth year of eligibility.

But Tuel is ready to try his hand at big league ball.

“I feel good about my chances,” Tuel said to the the Seattle Times. “I’m a confident individual. Whether I’m drafted or a free agent, I’ll train hard and play hard.”

Interestingly enough, Tuel was approached by the NCAA about his “missed” season as accusations of mistreatment by the Wazzu coaching staff was surfacing regarding the quarterback and his broken collarbone. Some questioned whether or nor Tuel was given enough time to fully recover before returning to the field.

However Tuel said he doesn’t feel comfortable  saying he was “mistreated”.

“I don’t feel comfortable saying I was mistreated. I was never mistreated by them,” Tuel said. “It’s a combination of… how long this has been drug out. If it goes two, three more weeks and they say no, I’m kind of screwed.”

Some believe that a possible NCAA investigation has inspired Tuel to move on to the next level. Although quarterback is in demand in the upcoming draft, Tuel isn’t expected to go very high as of right now.



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