Bulls Joakim Noah to Stop "Six Guns" Celebration Dance

Joakim Noah is loved in Chicago, in fact he’s second in command only to golden child and hometown hero Derrick Rose. Everything about Noah is adored by fans, including his celebration dance. Noah has been known recently for what fans call the “six guns”, where Noah fires finger guns at the hardwood after making a basket.

But in light of recent events not only in Sandy Hook but in Chicago, Noah is ceasing to use the dance, as he’d rather be part of a solution than part of the problem.

“I started doing it in practice,” Noah said. “I hit a jump shot in Keith Bogans’ face and I started doing (it) and kept doing it and it was kind of a funny, comical thing, but I guess we’re in a situation right now where it’s not funny.”

Noah said that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school that left 26 people dead, many of them six year old children, has changed his mind about his dance.

“You can’t joke around with things like that,” he said. “Too many people are dying because of guns. We have a problem here with guns, so (I’m) just trying to be a little bit compassionate about what’s going on.”

The massacre at Sandy Hook may be the main motivating factor to some in this, but the issue of guns and their destructive power hit way to close to home for Noah. It seems the city of Chicago can’t go 12 hours without a gun ending a life somewhere in the city. Each day in the Chicago Tribune you are guaranteed to read a story about someone in some part of the city being gunned down.

Noah works in the inner-city of Chicago with groups trying to end the tragic rash of gang violence that has gripped the city in recent months.

You can’t joke around,” said Noah. “It’s not a laughing matter anymore.”

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