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Josh McDaniels "Would Jump" at Cleveland Browns Head Coaching Job

As we near the end of the season, the inevitable coaching turnover will occur. Each year someone gets fired and the search has to begin as to who will replace him and lead the team in a new direction. For the Cleveland Browns, it might as well be 1999 still, as since the team returned to Cleveland that year they have yet to find a head coach who works.

Josh McDaniels thinks he’s the guy to change over 10 years of misfortune and suspense.

When discussing the Browns head coaching vacancy, it’s actually an exciting job prospect for the first time in a while. We’ve recently had various regime changes in the NFL where teams literally start from new: a new head coach, a new general manager, a new offense and a new defense. The Browns are one-upping that with kicking new owner to the mix as well.

But while the Browns have begun assembling pieces that will survive the regime change, like Trent Richardson and Joe Haden, the question is will whoever takes on the job be able to avoid the pitfalls that have gotten the best of guys like Butch Davis, Mike Holmgren and various others?

McDaniels had a go as an NFL head coach in Denver, and it started out really great. He got the Broncos off to a hot start, beat his old mentor Bill Belichick and proceeded to celebrate as though he was Pete Carroll, and he was looking like the next best thing in the NFL. But as quickly as he rose to fame, McDaniels came crashing down.

He traded away half his draft to get Tim Tebow, got busted for cheating, kept getting blasted for trading both Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall and was promptly fired before the end of his second season.

The Browns are standing firm in their stance that they haven’t made any definitive decisions yet as to what they’ll do at head coach. There’s is no saying whether or not McDaniels is a candidate or not, but as of right now he’s the hottest name floating around Cleveland.

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