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LSU Head Coach Les Miles is the Most Popular Coach on Twitter

College is a popularity contest, and nothing embodies that spirit more than college football. From earning votes to position yourself in the various polls, to trying to win over recruits, college football is basically built on the notion that if you’re popular enough you will succeed.

There’s also this phenomenon they call Twitter, and a lot of popularity is based on your status within the Twitter machine. So naturally, when Twitter and college football pride meet, it’s a match made in popularity heaven. It’s useless data that does nothing to move our world forward, but nevertheless the number of followers you have matters to you somewhere in your brain.

FOr LSU head coach Les Miles, he may not be playing for a title this year but he is king of Twitter. A recent study of college football Twitter accounts by ESPN (yeah, they had that much time on their hands) showed that Miles is by far the most popular college football coach on Twitter based on the number of followers he has.

We’re not sure of ESPN scientifically discounted the average number or porn bots that follow Miles as they do everyone who has a Twitter handle.

Miles is so popular that ESPN’s data is already outdated. As of 5pm ET Tuesday, Miles had around 87,000 followers. As of the time this article is being written, some 12 hours after the ESPN data pull, Miles is up to over 88,000 followers, which is still good for over 6,000 more followers than Notre Dame Irish head coach Brian Kelly.

Coming in at a distant third is Georgia head coach mark Richt who boasts just over 55,000 followers. However, unlike Miles and Kelly, Richt’s account has not been verified by Twitter.

Quick, sound the alarm.

Why do we care about the stupid stats? For one, college football brings out the competitive beast in everyone, and it’s a scientific certainty that because Les Miles has more Twitter followers than Mike Richt, some bizarre war of words between a Tigers fans and a Bulldogs fan will start somewhere in the world and the discussion will escalate because an Alabama fan enters the room and says that if Nick Saban had a Twitter, he’d be the most popular of all three coaches.

That’s why we love college football.

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