Exclusive: Swagga Suit Unveils Washington State Themed Onesie with Klay Thompson

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Klay Thompson wearing the newly released Swagga Suit for Washington State.

The Swagga Suits brand announced today, exclusively on Fansided, the release of their new line for the Washington State Cougars. The brand has been working on branching out to more Pac-12 schools after their massive success at the University of Washington.

The brand caught fire partly because of their creative way to literally cover a sports fan from head to toe in one piece of apparel and due to their marketing strategy of having a professional athlete model the suit. Jon Brockman became viral less than a year ago when Swagga Suits first made their splash onto the scene. This time, current Golden State Warriors guard and WSU alum, Klay Thompson modeled their new suit.

The founders are hoping a similar reaction comes from their new line of apparel. Josh Brewer, one of the founders, released a statement about branching out from UW to WSU.

Some may wonder why in the world we would make Swagga Suits for the WSU Cougars?

Story time with Swagga Suits Co-Founder Josh Brewer

The story goes a little something like this…Sibling relationships are never perfect, and my family is no exception. My 14-year-old brother Jed is a brat! Anything I like, he hates, and anything I despise, he loves. But sports were that one thing that always brought us together. We are both die hard Seattle sports fans, but it was too good to be true. I love my brother to death, but never trust a guy named Jed. When I made my decision to attend UW, out of spite, he manipulated our elderly aunt into buying him a Cougars jersey. All of a sudden he was a Coug for life.

We started Swagga Suits almost exactly a year ago, and Jed refused to put one on, but he bugged every week to produce WSU suits so he could get one. At first I was able to ignore him but when he approached me one day with a bet I listened. His confidence in his team was high at the time, as he exclaimed, if the Cougs win the Apple Cup you have to make WSU suits. I confidently obliged without even doubting my team. Ouch…

The Cougs deserve their credit for their apple cup victory and Swagga Suits is excited to be able to contribute to this great rivalry. It was always our goal at Swagga Suits to make our product available for all Pac-12 schools so WSU was always in our plan, but Cougs have a 14-year-old boy named Jed to thank for expediting the process. Swagga Suits is proud to announce the release of WSU suits, and we are also pleased to share some photos of none other than Klay Thompson repping his Alma Mater in the new WSU Swagga Suit. Thanks for all the support!

Brewer, co-founder alongside Gillian Pennington, are elated to see the Swagga Suit line take Pullman by storm. To see rivals, one in a purple onesie and the other in a crimson one, cheering opposite each other.

WSU is the first school they have begun marketing outside of UW and it is just the beginning. They have other schools already on their radar including Oregon, Oregon State, USC, and more. They are even looking into opportunities in the professional realm.

The first release came with a lot of attention some good and some bad. A lot of heat came against Brockman for “making a fool of himself” but Brockman was happy to help out and thought the suit was a great idea. As did many UW fans and it has become a popular item around the University. Thompson also loved the idea to have a WSU version to rival the UW one.

To read more about their start and how a couple of University of Washington students became founders of one of the fastest growing sports apparel companies click here.

To order your own Swagga Suit for either WSU or UW, find their website here.

To see all of the Klay Thompson photos from the Swagga Suit photo shoot. Continue onto the next page to start the slideshow.

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