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Report: Jason Garrett's Job in Dallas is Safe

Despite rumors swirling around the NFL when it comes to who will be a head coach next year and who will be out of a job, Jerry Jones is letting us all know we can stop the speculation in Dallas. NFL insider Jay Glazer reported Sunday morning that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett can be taken off the list of coaches on the hot seat this season.

Either this is a ruse to try and block out a distraction, or this is legitimate and it has massive repercussions.

It’s hard to imagine that an owner with a coach like Garett can confirm this early that his job is safe, but you can blame Nick Saban for eroding any trust we have in the word of NFL big wigs. The Cowboys are still serious contenders for a playoff spot, so it’s understandable if Jones is dangling this news so we all stop talking about the head coach and start talking about the Cowboys playoff dreams.

But there’s still the Sean Payton factor in this, which is why it’s so hard to buy the Cowboys securing Garrett’s job status this early on in the process. Payton will no doubt be the most coveted head coach this offseason is the Saints can’t get him an extension. Payton’s name has been linked to the Cowboys prior to this, but only from the outside.

If Dallas misses the playoffs and they do it badly, Jerry Jones might feel very differently about Garrett. Jones says that Garrett is the long term guy in Dallas, but the Webster’s definition of long term and the Jerry Jones definition of long term are two wildly different things.

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