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NFL Scouts Think Denard Robinson Can Play Cornerback

As the NFL Draft looms closer (even though it’s months away still), players are going to start to be profiled. Usually players enter the draft the same position they played in college, but that’s not always a certainty. Eric Crouch won the Heisman Trophy as a quarterback in Nebraska but he entered the NFL Draft as a wide receiver.

Denard Robinson could be another college quarterback to make a switch when he enters the NFL.

Robinson has played just about every position for the Wolverines this season, and his position in his final college game is being kept a secret, but we could get a good idea of what he’ll enter the NFL Draft as when the Wolverines play in the Outback Bowl. While he could enter the draft as a quarterback, some NFL scouts think that he should switch to cornerback.

Some general managers and draft consultants, like Cowboys consultant Gil Brandt  think that Robinson would make a good defensive back given his frame and skills.

“I’d draft him to be a cornerback,” Brandt said. “A quarterback never wants to be told he’s going to have to play another position, but I don’t think he can play quarterback in the NFL. I do know teams are always looking for cornerbacks, and I think Robinson could do it because of his quickness and speed.”

In his career as the Wolverines quarterback, Robinson has run for almost as many yards as he’s thrown, but to be fair that total is well over 4,000 yards. He once posted 502 yards of offense in one game, which remains a school record, but he was never able to translate his skills into wins for Michigan. However, Robinson’s not worried about what he’ll be in the draft, he just wants to have fun in his last game at Michigan.

“I’m soaking it in and having fun,” Robinson said. “This is my last game and I want to make the most of it. My last time probably wearing the winged helmet, having fun with the team and just enjoying it with my teammates, the coaches and the staff that’s around us.”

Don’t count out the idea that Robinson can play something other than quarterback. Remember, twice this year against Iowa and Ohio State he played running back, totaling 220 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

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