Hokies to Honor Both Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech Shooting Victims

The past is never forgotten and it is unfortunately always repeated.

Virginia Tech is going to acknowledge that statement and honor the victims of not only the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, but the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting that preceded it. Prior to the Sandy Hook shooting, the massacre at Virginia Tech was and still is the most deadly shooting at a U.S. school in the country’s history.

All 58 victims will be honored on Friday when the Hokies take on the Rutgers in the Russell Athletic Bowl this Friday.

What’s cool about what Virginia Tech is doing, is they’re not honoring the 58 victims with a small decal on the back of their helmets or a patch on their shoulders. These shootings must not be pushed to the back page while we watch football, so the Hokies are replacing their recognizable ‘VT’ logo with a ribbon honoring the victims.

“It’s just one of those things that we’ve been through what those people up in Sandy Hook are going through,” Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer said Monday. “We prevailed in Blacksburg. I think if anything, it brought us closer and more determined, and the same thing is going to happen there. The way the community is coming together. It’s a terrible thing to happen.”

On the logo, the word “prevail” is symbolically and literally the largest readable aspect of the ribbon logo. Inside each of the two ribbon flaps are the initials “VT” and “SH” which is meant to honor the victims of Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook.

Coach Beamer says the while this is meant as a tribute to the two most deadly shootings in recent memory, it is meant to remind us of all past shootings and to try and create a social conscience that prevents another.

“We’ve got to prevail,” Beamer said. “We can’t let one person define Blacksburg or Virginia Tech, and we can’t let (one) person define (Newtown).”

Of all the uniform alterations that the NCAA undergoes to lure in recruits with flashy jerseys and helmets, this has to be by far the best fashion statement of all, as it’s meant to do nothing more than remember, acknowledge and prevent.

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