Kyrie Irving In Hot Water With Girlfriend After Photo With Groupies Surfaces

Cleveland Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving is in some hot water with his girlfriend after a picture surfaced on Instagram with Irving getting nice and cozy with some groupies. It appears that Irving was partying it up in a club for the holidays when one of the girls he was with took his phone and uploaded it to Instagram.

Here is the picture that was posted which got Irving’s girlfriend all fired up:

This photo of Kyrie Irving and some groupies surfaced on Instagram over the holidays. Photo via Black Sports Online.

Oops. I bet he didn’t plan on that one getting out.

When Irving’s girl found out about the photo, she took to Twitter to voice her displeasure over the image surfacing on the web.

Of course, as you would expect Irving to do, he was quick to defend himself and apologize for the image being leaked.

Irving is just living it up and enjoying the life of a basketball player. Unfortunately for him, it is easy to be exposed in this digital age with social media being bigger than ever.

Some advice to Irving: If you are going to have some groupies hanging around your phone, be sure to lock that device up with a password. It will prevent another upset girlfriend from finding out what exactly is going on for the night. It really is a simple fix and it will save you future apologies.

At least he used the always original “I was hacked” excuse. Better luck next time, Kyrie.

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