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(VIDEO) Merril Hodge Says Tim Tebow is "as Phony as a Three-Dollar Bill"

If there’s one thing ESPN likes more than stroking it’s own ego, it’s stroking Tim Tebow’s ego. But we had some Tebow hate on the four letter network recently, and it may have been the culmination of a season of embarrassment for ESPN when it comes to the rager they had for Tebow since training camp began.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Tebow had an argument with New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan over the fact that he’d been skipped over as the No. 2 quarterback in New York. Mind you, Tebow must have had short term memory loss as he was the No. 3 quarterback that skipped over Brady Quinn last year in Denver.

But that was then and this is now. Tebow reportedly told Ryan not to use him in the Wildcat package, a statement that has now been blown up to epic proportions.

What Tebow likely meant, was that he wants to play quarterback, not be a decoy quarterback in a Wildcat package. But the way it’s been twisted is to make it sound like Tebow told Ryan what he could do with himself and told him he wasn’t going to play if he wasn’t going to be the starting quarterback.

Ron Jaworski fired some shots at Adam Shefter and ESPN’s suspect reporting on the issue but Merril Hodge took the bait and ran with it, going on a rant about how Tebow is “as phony as a three-dollar bill” and that he’s going to set the Jaguars back, among other things.

“To me, it smells like three-day-old fish, OK?” Hoge said. “I think he’s phony as a three-dollar bill.  Because at the end of the day, what have I heard?  That he will do anything at any time.  You ask me to do it, I’ll do it.  And all of a sudden now that’s unacceptable?  That’s all of a sudden, ‘Now I want to play quarterback or I’m not gonna play Wildcat?’ . . .   Tim Tebow, being the teammate he says he is, accepts that.  Because he says I’ll do anything for the team.  That’s all I’ve ever heard about him.  Well I think this sound shows really what he’s about.”

Jaworski was there to defend Tebow, but he also threw some hooks at Schefter and the ESPN crew by saying all the “reports” from “sources” — and yeah, he used air quotes– was nothing but a bunch of hearsay.

We asked earlier this week if Tebow could help the Jaguars, and Hodge apparently has very strong feelings on the issue. We still know very little about what was said and what was twisted around, but if one thing is certain it’s this: ESPN’s love affair with Tebow has finally blown up in their smug faces and it’s a joy to watch.

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  • Jim Robinson

    Merrill “Don’t Confuse Me With The Facts” Hodge is in hog heaven now that he thinks he sees a chink in the Tebow armor. And so he slanders Tim Tebow with reckless abandon–even outright malice. It doesn’t matter to him that he bases his slander on hearsay. That’s solid enough for a guy with a grudge and no moral compass. Tim Tebow makes Hodge angry, and that’s because Hodge feels small and mean in comparison to Tim. But as the old adage goes, “Anger dims the lamp of the mind.” And Hodge is not putting out much light these days.

  • William Burroughs

    Is wittle merrill needing some attention??? I wish your comments were as large in Character as the knot in your wittle tie…hopefully this will get Hodge some press that way he won’t fade into nothingness as his mind seems to indicate his direction is…pitiful!

  • SFPatriot

    Merrill Hodge is the ESPN version of Chris Matthews.

    • SFPatriot

      I submit- who is the bigger scumbag?

  • james alvevizos

    merril hodge can go f@$@ himself!

  • Matt Dorlaque

    Tebow is phony. He only poses when the cameras are around. He has used that stuff to get a few years in the league, market himself, and to go make some money after ge retires. He does not even deserve to be in the NFL.

  • Bill Graham

    What is up with Merril Hodge? He is the one that showed his
    true colors this week.

    Merril; what is your big issue with Tim? You started
    accusing him of showing his true character before you even knew the whole
    story. The only people I see who jobs should be in jeopardy are your’s and Rex’s.

    I was at the Monday night game it would have been so easy
    for Rex to put Tim in at any time throughout that game. Tim was standing right
    there the way he has been all year. Tim could have won that game up until the
    last play, and Rex hates Tim too much to put him in the game. The jets would be
    in the playoff right now if it was not for Rex’s pride. The only one that hates
    Tim more than Rex is Marril Hodge. Merril should also lose his job for calling
    out a man character before having all the facts.

    It will be so fun to watch Tim go to Jacksonville next year
    and start.

    Merril what is it like to go to bed every night knowing you
    are a judgmental fool?

  • halfbreed

    Hodge, funny I have been a football fan since the 70′s never heard of the wussy. And I know for sure the Idiot never won a National Title. The kid (Tebow) knows how to win. I live in Colorado. Only in the end did the Broncos try to set the offense up to accommodate Tim Tebow. And guess what he won some games. Rex Ryan treated Tim Tebow like a bad penny. If Tebow ever gets a real chance with an offense built for Tebow, he will be a winner again. Danny Reeves had the same problem with Elway, we would get behind in games playing Danny ball, then he would let Elway play the way he was capable of. Now Elway has how come from behind wins. Shanahan came in and designed the team around Elway, we won.
    Hodge had one good year with the Steelers but the team was so loaded with talent, like I said who the he** is Merril Hodge

  • halfbreed

    Tebow was a better player 1 year in college than Hodge was in his entire NFL career.

  • dirtygirl

    Didnt hodge have a relationship with a ESPN intern, so who is he to question someones character