Notre Dame Takes Another Shot At Alabama With Pre-Championship Trash Talk T-Shirt

While we wait in anticipation for the BCS National Championship game between the top-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide, the pre-game trash talk has been presented through the apparel for each side.

We already touched on the very popular “Catholics vs. Cousins” t-shirt from Notre Dame, but the Fighting Irish faithful have unveiled yet another t-shirt that gets even dirtier than the last.

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It’s hard to imagine that the trash talk could get nastier with the game still over a week away, but it has done just that. Here is the latest unauthorized trash talking tee for the Notre Dame faithful:


We’ve gone from “Catholics vs. Cousins” to “Golden Domers vs. Mobile Homers.” What is it going to be next?

Personally, I find these trash talking t-shirts are hilarious. There is nothing more entertaining than a game with everything on the line that has some bad blood off-the-field. Neither team needs extra motivation for the championship game, but you can be sure Alabama players will notice these shirts and play with an added chip on their shoulder.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Bob Papadazzio

    Big mistake, Notre Dame. Saban’s boys will eat you alive for this.

  • Chuck Thomas

    Priest vs Bama…We will suck you up and BLOW… away


    Trash talk while you can wannabees come gametime you golden domeheads gonna get thoroughly embarrassed by our grit eatin, yall talking redneck maneaters. I have watched 4 of your games and you barely ass won several. Overtime? against Pitt? Really? Lol. This aint the Holtz era boys. Be prepared to get blown off the ball by our offensive line. Our two running backs will easily have over a hundred yards apiece and the score will be embarrassing. Believe me. it is a fact and everyone except you ND fans know it!!!! After the game picture me and millions of people laughing at the wannabees from the past and how bad they just got arses beatdown by a real established football team from Ally Bammy yall

  • Kevin Bird

    This seems kinda odd since Indiana has the most trailer parks in the country. I’m not a fan of either team but all this trash talking is going to make ND’s loss even more embarasing. There are 5 SEC teams that could beat ND.

    • Vicki Bruno

      You are so right Kevin!!!

    • Arrow Smith

      Yes Indiana does lead the country in Trailer Parks. Amazing stupidity by the ND fans.

  • Terry Smith

    This is just stupid. Mobile homes are all over the place. And I’m sure some catholic molesters will be driving them to camp out in Miami. I find it sad that notre dame actually thinks they are gonna last with Bama. Notre dame had a couple good wins and barely got by teams like Purdue, Pittsburgh, and BYU. They don’t even play in a conference for fuck sake!!

  • Jane Barrett Ray

    Show some class Notre Dame – this is a low blow even from you!

  • Jane Barrett Ray

    I don’t live in a mobile home but please quit making fun of those who do!

    • Arrow Smith

      Of all the States Indiana leads the country in Mobile Home Parks and Sales. Amazing the stupid of some ND fans.

  • rrse7

    You boys, up north, are writing checks your butts can not cash!!!!!!!

    • Arrow Smith

      Careful with that language around Father Bedinka he will grab your ass.

  • Lynn Sherrer

    You know they have to come up with some kind of fundraiser because their little green man ran out of lucky charms. Let em trash talk…. it’s all they have… God knows they can’t win!

    • Arrow Smith

      The Pope Quit. What does tell you.

  • Ken Brandon

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks. How about Pachyderms vs Pedophiles. Roll Tide!!!

  • Oldefarte

    Let’s see now tje Mobile Homers easily handled Michigan in the first quarter of their contest and took pity on them in the second half with substitutes players; but the Golden Domers barely sqeeked by with a victory against Michigan [while making Denardo Robinson resemble RGIII]. This 1/7/13 game will be over by halftime with Alabama sending the luck-of-the-Irish back to South Bend with their Golden Domes dangling between their legs. Sorry ND, this ain’t Wake Forest or Navy you’ll be playing for the BCS Championship!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Means

    HA! Do these morons somehow think Indiana is a superior state to Alabama? HAHAHAHAHA! Oh please Indiana it’s not as if you are the cultural arts center of the universe. The metro population of Indianapolis is equal to the that of Birmingham. UAB rivals Notre Dame in it’s medical pursuits and your primary product is manufacturing. Just because you’re ignorant of states outside of your own, doesn’t mean you are any better than anyone else.

  • 127bama

    “Do not create marks or icons using the dome unless given approval by Public Affairs and Communications.” so, I guess the UND endorsed this. . . . . . .see you on the field ND….

  • Vicki Bruno

    That trailer park trash will blow your golden dome to bits, you can be sure of that. These red necks will kick your butts!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!

  • NDTideTurners

    You clowns are hilarious! Lol! Check this out: ND had the #1 ranked SOS this year and went undefeated. Yeah, they had some close games but they won them all. You lost to an inferior opponent and we didn’t. Lots of luck trying to slow Eiffert & Riddick down against that crap Pass D and you aren’t running the ball against our front 7. We have the #1 D in the country. Time for a reality check in a week.

  • Jacob Berry

    oh well i have a mobile home double wide and ya know, its paid for how many of you northerners have a house and its paid for???. Maybe in 30 or 35 yrs??? Anyways i have a home theres a difference in a house and a home… Roll Tide Roll!!!!!

  • Arrow Smith

    42-14 Alabama beating the Catholic pervs. The Pope Quit after BAMA laid the Wood to their butts. New Pope telling Manti Teo it is OK to be Gay son “Who am I to Judge.”